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Shiplap Capped Composite Cladding – New For 2019


If you’re looking for an eye-catching, ultra low-maintenance option for your home or building exterior, NexGEN is pleased to announce our new Shiplap Capped Composite Cladding.

This beautiful composite cladding, which will be available mid year (2019), is made of 94% recycled content, contains no harsh chemicals or finishing products, and is a breeze to install. Transform your exterior into one you can be proud of without the maintenance of wood or other traditional materials using our capped composite Shiplap Cladding.

Learn More About Our Shiplap Composite Cladding

Our shiplap composite cladding creates a truly unique look that can beautify your home or commercial building. Additionally, our composite cladding offers the best of both worlds by achieving the look you desire without the maintenance woes that can come along with using wood, brick, or other porous materials outdoors where they are most exposed to unforgiving elements.

Our shiplap composite cladding offers all of the same benefits as our Jarrah, Spotted Gum, and Graphite capped composite decking. This includes a design that is not prone to cracking or splintering, as well as unrivaled fade resistance and stain resistance so it can stand up to the test of time regardless of climate, exposure to sun, and other factors.

Like the rest of our capped composite cladding and decking lines, shiplap composite cladding is easy and quick to install. Our shiplap cladding is easy to cut and doesn’t require any special tools or equipment. Plus the boards can be easily installed in vertical or horizontal applications with no visible gap to achieve the look you want. The individual boards themselves are lightweight (despite being extremely durable) and use an innovative stainless steel hidden fastening system that leaves no visible gap for a truly seamless look.

Our shiplap capped composite cladding comes in dimensions of 150mm wide and 19mm thick; it will be available in various lengths to suit our customers’ needs.

Key Benefits of Capped Composite Cladding

Low Maintenance

When it comes to exterior cladding materials, you have so many options to choose from. What makes our shiplap composite cladding stand out? One of the main reasons so many people are choosing capped composite cladding over other siding materials is the low maintenance that it affords. This means you’ll never have to worry about staining, painting, or sealing your composite cladding. The same simply cannot be said of most other exterior options, which will gradually fade or stain over time and require refinishing or repainting.

As a result, think about all the money and hassle you can save in the long-term with composite cladding; this is especially true when it comes to multi-story homes and buildings, which can become very costly and time-consuming to maintain and upkeep with faded paint, stains, and other unsightly problems. With shiplap composite cladding, your building’s facade can look like new for many years to come without the maintenance headache.

Water Deflection Qualities

With composite cladding, you also enjoy moisture-resistant properties that are ideal for outdoor use. Rather than absorbing water (like brick and wood materials do), our composite cladding is designed to effectively deflect water. Our composite cladding also has a built-in rain screen that creates continuous air space behind the cladding. This allows for better drainage of water, quicker drying times, and prevention of moisture movement. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about moisture-related issues such as rot or fungal growth, which are common with wood and other porous materials.

Did you know that water intrusion in a building’s envelope is one of the most common concerns with standard cladding materials? This issue can even lead to structural problems within a building over time. Fortunately, with NexGEN shiplap composite cladding, this concern is a thing of the past thanks to our rain screen material and moisture-resistant design.

If you’re curious to learn more about the rain screen properties that our shiplap composite cladding provide, we recommend that you request a free sample from us. We’d be happy to provide you with a sample of our product so you can see first-hand the quality materials from which it is made.

Not Prone to Hot and Cold Temperature Extreme Issues or High Humidity Damage

Furthermore, unlike wood and other porous materials, our shiplap composite cladding is not prone to damage caused by high heat or freezing cold temperature cycles. Our shiplap cladding is also unaffected by high humidity climates like those found in far North Queensland, Northern Territory and North Western Australia. That’s because this material is designed to avoid swelling, expanding, or contracting with the elements. As a result, your cladding can stand up to the test of time no matter what climate you may find yourself in.

Unrivaled Sustainability

When it comes to building materials that are environmentally friendly, nothing beats capped composite cladding. This material is made from 94% recycled content, mostly in the form of plastic, so you can feel good about using it. Furthermore, since there are no trees cut down to make composite cladding, you can enjoy doing your part to prevent deforestation while still achieving the look you desire. And of course, all of our composite cladding is free from toxic chemicals that are often used in pressure-treated wood materials.

With all of this in mind, our shiplap composite cladding is something you can actually feel good about buying and using at your home or place of business.

Beautiful Cladding With Added Peace of Mind

When you choose shiplap composite cladding from NexGEN, you can always rest assured that we will stand behind our products. In fact, we’re proud to offer three separate warranties for added peace of mind and confidence with your purchase.

For starters, all of our capped composite cladding comes with a 25-year Residential Limited Warranty, which protects against splintering, rot, delamination, checking, and any structural damage caused by fungal decay. Furthermore, our composite shiplap cladding comes with an additional 25-year Residential Stain and Fade limited warranty.

Finally, those who are selecting our shiplap composite cladding for commercial use can enjoy a 10-year Commercial Limited Warranty against structural damage from fungal decay, splintering, delamination, rot, and checking.

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We’re excited to release our new shiplap composite cladding for both residential and commercial customers this year. Interested in finding out more about this unique material? Want to request a free sample? Feel free to contact us today; our experienced and knowledgeable team would be happy to help you get started!

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