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Pool Decking – Why Use Capped Composites


Capped Composite Decking is Perfect for use as Pool Decking.

Are you putting in a new pool so that you can get some relief from the forthcoming hot weather? Do you have an existing pool and are looking for the perfect way to spice it up?

If so, you might be thinking about installing some pool decking in your backyard.

There are multiple materials that you can use for your pool decking, but if you’re looking for the best option, you should only consider capped composite decking. It’s a top choice for pool decking for 5 main reasons.

1) Capped composite decking is resistant to sun and water

As you might already know, timber decking around pools and spas will become rotten over time from being exposed to the harsh sun and water. There are steps that you can take to “finish” a wood deck to make it more durable, but you still have to worry about it being affected by the elements. This can cause the timber to warp, rot and twist and become a hazard for your family and friends when enjoying your pool decking.

Capped composite decking, on the other hand, isn’t bothered by full sun or moisture, making it an ideal choice to be used around the pool.

2) Salt and pool chemicals have no effect on capped composites

Timber decking around pools suffer enough with the exposure to moisture but add to that the caustic effects from pool salts and chemicals and it’s a recipe for a lot of back breaking maintenance. Even if you do manage to protect timber from the constant exposure to sun and water, the salts and chemicals will quickly aid in stripping away any sealer that has been applied, exposing the bare timber to the elements.

3) Capped composite decking does not leach colour like timber when exposed to moisture

All timber contains tannins and unless that timber has been properly kiln dried and allowed to season correctly, tannins will leach out and probably end up in your nice clean pool. Kiln drying and correct seasoning also adds a lot of cost. Capped composite decking is colourfast so ideal for around pools and spas.

4) It’s More Resistant to Fire

You might like using tiki torches or candles to set the party mood in your pool area, but you might worry about the safety of doing so. Capped composite decking is considered safer around fire and can be a safe choice. NexGEN Premium capped composite decking is rated to a BAL19 making it a great option.

Another benefit is the ease of cleaning the decking should candle wax spill onto the surface. Just a stiff brush and some soapy water.

5) It’s Eco-Friendly

You might strive to be a responsible pool owner by being environmentally conscious and using pool blankets to save on water usage. Capped composite decking is a great eco-friendly choice as they are often made from recycled materials. NexGEN Decking can also go toward LEED points you are trying to achieve to make your house a greener more eco-friendly place to live.

As you can see, capped composite decking is the perfect choice for your pool decking and terrace.

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