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Why are People Choosing Aluminium Decking?


In the wonderful world of deck design, there are a number of materials you can choose for a long-lasting beautiful deck that will work well for your home and family purposes. There is classic wood, of course, but modern decking often requires a more advanced composite, synthetic, or even aluminium approach to eliminate traditional deck problems like maintenance and decay.

Composite and synthetic deck boards are easy to understand; modern technology has improved methods of making wood and wood-like boards that don’t have the downsides of fully organic-material construction. But aluminium deck solutions often puzzle homeowners. Aluminium decking brings to mind the idea of a shiny chrome-coloured deck in the hot sun. But modern DryDeck aluminium decking boards are far from what you would expect. Cool to the touch and perfectly dry underneath, aluminium decking is the next generation of beautiful modern decking solutions.

“Aluminium Decking is not what you think”

Why are People Choosing Aluminium Decking?
Why are People Choosing Aluminium Decking?

Aluminium Decking is the New Popular Choice for Cutting-Edge Deck Design

Professionals and families across the world have been discovering the modern marvel of aluminium decking solutions. Unlike wood and composite boards, aluminium decking not only offers a seamless beautiful deck in a wide range of colours, it also creates a waterproof and drip-free environment below the deck so that it can be used for balconies, upper decks, and even for the ceiling of conditioned indoor spaces. Homeowners and businesses alike are choosing aluminium decking as the most cutting-edge choice when planning for a high-quality and long-term decking solution. Let’s dive into the details of why aluminium decking has become the popular new choice for deck additions and remodels.

Why People are Choosing Aluminium Decking?

1. Cool to the Touch in Direct Sunlight

The first and most important thing we can say about aluminium decking is that it is cool to the touch. Aluminium decking is not just sealed aluminium, it is treated with an advanced powder coating finish that remains cooler than the outdoor temperature. In fact, aluminium decking technology has advanced past the heat diffusing qualities of classic wood to create a cooler decking solution for bare feet and bathing-suit clad bodies than ever before. Here in Australia where the sunshine is intense, this is an important quality so that your deck is always comfortable to stand, sit, and lie on without the risk of scorching.

2. Non-Slip Surface Safe for Poolsides and Rainy Days

The powder coating offers another benefit as well. Powder coating is not completely smooth like some decking finishes, leaving a gently textured surface that is uniquely non-slip. This makes aluminium decking an excellent solution for poolside designs, feeling smooth on the feet unlike poured concrete while allowing for safe relaxation and play when wet. Naturally, it is also safe in other wet conditions like yard sprinklers, summer water fights, and the occasional rain storm should you enjoy standing out in the warm Australian rain from time to time.

Why are People Choosing Aluminium Decking?

3. Lightweight and Easy to Install

Aluminium decking boards are very easy to DIY or, if you hire an installation service, take no time at all to fit into place. No need to worry about adhesive or nails. The DryDeck aluminium decking boards have a unique tongue and groove system that snaps together and the boards themselves are extremely lightweight so that anyone could lift, align, and build a deck for themselves. With aluminium decking, building a deck becomes a project that a handy-mum and the kids could to together.

4. Waterproof and Drip-Free for Overhead Decking

Perhaps the best thing about aluminium decking boards is that they form a completely waterproof and drip-free space beneath. Once the boards are fitted together, the space beneath is not just waterproof, it is airtight. This makes aluminium deck boards an ideal solution for overhead balconies that will form the roof of a shaded verandah or patio below or even an indoor air-conditioned room. While the deck boards appear to be made of a classic slatted design, the space between the slats is a unique trough innovation that channels water away to side-gutters much like your roof.

In this way, aluminium boards are far more versatile and can be used to make waterproof, drip-free multi-level outdoor environments.

Extremely Low-Maintenance Decking Solution

Building your verandah out of aluminium decking also eliminates the usual maintenance requirements of a traditional wooden deck. You may have heard from your neighbours or parents that a deck requires a lot of love and care, from oiling to pest control. But not aluminium. The only maintenance you will need for a DryDeck aluminium verandah is sweeping and the occasional mop.

No Oiling or Sanding

Traditional wood and some composite boards need to be oiled and sanded to keep them in pristine, attractive, and safely smooth condition. As a powder-coated metal, you never need to worry about wood oil or splinters in the many years of deck-enjoyment to come.

No Repainting or Staining

Powder coating does not fade or wear away like wood finish or paint. While you can paint your aluminium deck if you want to, it will never be necessary.

No Risk of Termites or Other Insects

In an aluminium board, there is nothing appealing to termites and nowhere welcoming for insects to live. Your deck will never become a source of food and shelter for the local insect life because it is made of metal, not wood.

Family-Safe and Pet-Safe

Wood decks must be treated and sealed with potentially toxic chemicals in order to make them a lasting decking solution. Powder-coated aluminium, on the other hand, is extremely safe and chemical-free. The alloy includes no harmful chemicals and powder coating is, in fact, the most eco-friendly and non-toxic finishing solution in the business. It will never chip away and it does not require toxic solvents that evaporate. Powder coating is actually applied via static electricity and then baked into place.

No Chemicals Used in Production or Upkeep

No chemicals are used in producing an aluminium decking board and no chemicals are needed to keep it safe or maintained. The occasional mop with PineSol or your favorite child-safe cleaning products is all you need to keep your aluminium deck pristine.

Rated Australian Standard BALFZ (Flame Zone)

As an added bonus, your aluminium deck is safely rated for BALFZ, meaning (understandably) that it will never catch fire or contribute to the risk of a nearby brush fire.

Seamless Appearance for Classic or Modern Look

Finally, it’s vital to remember that aluminium decking boards can look just like the classic wood boards of your grandparent’s deck or they can take on a modern metallic appearance for more modern and trendy designs. So whether you are building a deck for a heritage home, recreating your mental dream house, or breaking the boundaries of modern design with something totally new, aluminium decking panels can be used to make your design plans into reality.

The decks create a seamless appearance of slatted deck boards while giving you wide selection of finishing colours and a waterproof space underneath.

Why are People Choosing Aluminium Decking?

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With all these advantages, it’s no surprise that families, professionals, and businesses alike are choosing DryDeck aluminium boards as their new favorite decking solution. Even if you were originally considering traditional wood  or composite boards, aluminium offers all the advantages of cutting-edge building technology with the appearance and feel of a traditional deck. For more information or to try out aluminium decking panels for yourself, contact us today!

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