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Outdoor Living Space – More Decking Ideas


Decking Ideas: Making Your Deck an Outdoor Living Space

Increasingly, decks are becoming an extension of our indoor living spaces. With great weather for the better part of the year and outdoor gas heaters for when it’s not, it makes sense that decks are more than just a place to host parties or store plants. Decks are in fact a space where we should be able to relax, entertain and connect with nature.

Are you looking for decking ideas that will make your outdoor living space more inviting?

Manage the flow of space: You think about the flow of space in your house, but have you ever thought about improving your deck’s layout? If your deck is relatively large, you can create the sense of having different “rooms” or spaces by installing railings, partial deck coverings, or even by using planters or furniture to partition the space.

Find outdoor furniture that you love: There are numerous styles of outdoor furniture available. Choosing a style that you love, and that integrates well with your home’s general style, will make your deck space much more inviting. In addition to choosing a standard table and chairs, you may wish to invest in outdoor side tables, footstools, or even rugs.

Increase your deck’s functionality: Many families who enjoy preparing meals outdoors are creating cooking spaces that rival their kitchens on their decks. In addition to having a traditional outdoor barbeque, it’s possible to install outdoor counters, cupboards, and even sinks. Having an outdoor kitchen makes it much more convenient to have family meals or to host parties outdoors.

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