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Composite Decking in Sydney


Expert Advice On Choosing Composite Decking in Sydney

Will your deck or patio area be exposed to the elements?
If so you can protect your investment by using decking materials that can withstand Sydney’s climate for years to come. This will enable you to enjoy your outdoor area for decades to come.
Luckily, NexGEN capped composite decking in Sydney provides a maintenance free alternative to wood while still retaining wood’s natural beauty. NexGEN’s capped composite decking eliminates the strenuous tasks of sealing, staining, sanding and painting natural timber decks.

Our experts at NexGEN have a few tips for finding the perfect composite decking in Sydney for your home.

1 ) Choose The Best Composite Material and Colour for your outdoor entertaining needs.
NexGEN carries 5 elegant composite decking colours across 2 ranges which suit every design style and budget:
• Rosewood
• Ipe (pronounced ee-pay)
• Acorn
• Aspen
• Greystone
From classic to modern, we understand that your deck is as unique as you are. That is why we carry a range of capped composite decking materials suitable for every style and taste.
All of our capped composite decking is maintenance free and retains the appearance of wood without the weathering, splinters and backbreaking upkeep. Our recycled material is better for the environment and helps reduce our carbon footprint.

2) Find A Local Distributor and get your hands on some samples.
Nothing compares to seeing and handling the material for yourself. There are many composite decking materials out there and they are not all created equal. If you have not experienced the material before, NexGEN experts recommend getting some samples or visiting a local display.
NexGEN Decking has a display at the frequently visited Kurmond Homes in Kellyville where the decking has been down for many years and still looks like new.
Colours don’t always translate over a computer screen. We strongly recommend seeing the colour for yourself before making a purchasing decision. NexGEN’s staff are happy to assist you in anyway they can and pride themselves on offering the advice they can.

3) Protect Yourself With Warranties.
Not all composite decking is; stain resistant, mould resistant, warp resistant, rot resistant, and practically maintenance free. However NexGEN capped composite decking is warranted against all of the above.
Manufacturing errors do occasionally occur in all products across many fields but you deserve protection from these mistakes. Reputable companies like NexGEN feel confident that our product is the best around. We back that up with our unbeatable warranties so that you have complete peace of mind.

All of our double sided capped composite decking in Sydney comes with the following warranties:
• A 25-year residential limited warranty against splintering, checking, delamination, and rot and structural damage from fungal decay
• Up to a 25-year residential stain and fade limited warranty
• A 10-year commercial limited warranty against splintering, checking, delamination, and rot and structural damage from fungal decay

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