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Natural Look Composite Will Make Your Deck Stand Out


If you want your home to look its best, natural look composite decking is a perfect way to combine beauty with ideal functionality. Capped Composite decking offers many advantages over traditional wood decking including the fact that it requires far less maintenance, costs similar to a good quality hardwood, is both eco friendly and toxin free, and safer for you and your family. But it can also include one crucial advantage: it looks natural.

A Natural Look Composite, Customised

Too often, people are afraid that the look of composite decking won’t seem authentic, that you’ll be able to easily tell that your deck is not made of real wood. However, that isn’t the case for our products. In fact, NexGEN decking offers a variety of colours that ensure its natural, beautiful look.

Depending on your taste, you’re able to choose from colours like Rosewood, Ipe, Chestnut, and Grey Birch; all natural finishes that compliment any home. These colours and finishes are so refined that they offer wood grain patterns and the natural colour streaking (multi-chromatic) that is found naturally in real wood.

No More Splinters

Whether you decide to install your deck yourself, or use a trusted installer to get your deck exactly how you want it – natural look composite decking (capped) is the best choice. Many homeowners don’t even realize how beneficial capped composite decking is, especially if they have children. The simple fact that capped composite decking is safe to walk on with bare feet, without the fear of splinters, is a huge bonus to parents and children alike.

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In short, capped natural look composite decking offers a variety of advantages, from low maintenance and safety to the range of colours you can choose from to go with the style of your home. To learn more about our capped natural look composite decking, please contact us.

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