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Introduction to Aluminium Decking


Aluminium decking might seem new. It wasn’t a particularly well-known decking option until recently, however it has been in use for quite a while. In fact, the first aluminium deck was installed in 1933 in Pittsburgh. It was a replacement for a wood-and-steel bridge that stood on Smithfield Street. It has been the stealth choice for engineers of public decks since. Aluminium decking was the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering choice for replacing deteriorating bridges back in 2001 when they compared cost-effectiveness of different materials. Recently NexGEN aluminium decking was used to replace and waterproof timber on the 1940 built Birkenhead Drawbridge in Adelaide, South Australia.

A look at the profile of aluminium can give you a good idea as to why they chose this type for their bridges. It is weather-resistant as well as inedible to insects. Aluminium is non-combustible, so it is great for areas that are at high risk for fire like BAL 40 and BAL FZ Flame Zone rated. In addition the high thermal conductivity properties of aluminium rapidly dissipates heat making it physically cooler than many alternatives when under the blazing sun. Add all this together and you can see why this type of decking is catching on in the domestic sector as well. It doesn’t hurt that, due to the longevity and the fact that you can recycle aluminium completely and repeatedly, ecology-minded groups have recommended it as an Earth-friendly choice for decking.

NexGEN Aluminium Decking generally comes in easy to install pre-designed kits where pieces are put together with a hidden fastening system or they utilise a tongue and groove fitting which produces a complete waterproof system. The aluminium slat pieces are extruded into shape and then coated with a super durable slip-resistant powder-coat. The pieces are designed to direct water off the deck and to attach to more traditional frames.

This design makes it low-maintenance. The most you will have to do to keep up this type of decking is clean it once or twice a year, generally after winter. Wiping it down with any washing detergent and a scrub brush will make it as clean as when you first installed it. It is stain-resistant, so it won’t take long to clean.

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Introduction to Aluminium Decking