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Homeowners Are Investing Their Time in Home Renovations During COVID-19


To paraphrase the iconic Rolling Stones song, out-of-work individuals are finding that “Time is on My Side” when it comes to home projects. Lacking jobs to go to, homeowners are investing time and sweat equity into their abodes to pass their time productively. That bucket list of long-delayed home renovations is finally being addressed with relish as families seek home-based projects and avoid cabin fever.

Along with minor repairs such as silencing squeaky hinges and putting on the brakes to dripping faucets, many homeowners are tackling more ambitious projects that add to the home’s value and enhances the entire family’s enjoyment of their domestic space. In an effort to escape the home’s interior confines, many are initiating outdoor projects to beautify the home, add value, and increase usage of the backyard and its environs.

Homeowners Are Investing Their Time in Home Renovations During COVID-19

Deck Popularity Reflect Australians’ Love For the Outdoors

One of the more popular home renovations project being undertaken includes the addition of outdoor decking. While some homeowners are leaving the actual deck construction to the pros, others are finding it to be the ideal DIY project that can involve the entire family. After investigating the myriad options available to them in possible deck designs, the entire family becomes excited about the great options that satisfy every interest and lifestyle.

Whether the deck of your dreams includes a Jacuzzi, a Barbie, a Tiki bar, or a pool table, your choices are only limited by your imagination. You can involve the whole family in having your dream deck come to fruition.

NexGEN’s Capped Fiberon Composite Decking Leads the Pack

NexGEN Fiberon Decking, a best-in-class global manufacturer and supplier of composite decking, offers the largest selection of environmentally-friendly, durable decks on the planet. It’s line of Select Capped Composite Decking, for example, offers the most natural look, feel, and colour palette available today. Employing NexGEN’s exclusive matte surface with its proprietary low gloss formulation and texturing process, NexGEN perfectly replicates the natural colours and textures captured from nature’s palette throughout the region. You’ll find no repetitive textures or discernible patterns with NexGEN’s composite decking, adding greatly to the curb appeal of your property.

NexGEN’s Select Collection Features PermaTech Technology

The Select Collection features our patented PermaTech® surface material on all four sides. This veritable “suit of armour” gives the boards exceptional resistance to staining, fading, insect infestation, and decay. That means, unlike your typical timber or cheap composite deck, NexGEN Select Capped Composite decking won’t stain, fade, splinter, crack, or rot.” The collection is covered by three warranties:

Lifetime Residential Limited Warranty against checking, splintering, delamination, rot and structural damage from fungal decay.
50-year Residential Stain and Fade Limited Warranty.

Do-It-Yourselfers love to work with NexGEN’s DIY Deck Cell subframe System. NexGEN touts the SubFrame system as “the easiest DIY deck system” available to today’s consumer. So easy is the system to construct, that the entire family can participate. Imagine little Johnny beaming with pride as he explains to his friends that he helped build it. The cell subframe requires no special tools and the manufacturer promises:

  • High Quality- Deck Cell is practically indestructible and will never degrade or fail.
  • Strength- Deck Cell has a crush strength of 148 t/m2 (149kPa) meaning that it could easily take the weight of a vehicle. Resistance- Manufactured from recycled, hard-wearing polypropylene,
  • Deck Cell is indefinitely resistant to chemical and bacterial attack and degradation.
Homeowners Are Investing Their Time in Home Renovations During COVID-19
Homeowners Are Investing Their Time in Home Renovations During COVID-19
Homeowners Are Investing Their Time in Home Renovations During COVID-19

NexGEN DryJoist Offers Complete Moisture Protection

NexGEN DryJoist Decking System is a 100% waterproof, marine-grade aluminium system that’s ideal for balcony and second-story additions. It is guaranteed to keep the space underneath the deck as dry as a bone. It is actually three products in one:

  • Waterproof Substructure- Deck provides for a 100% waterproof area beneath the deck
  • Joist System for decking- low profile structural system will span up to 1.8 metres.
  • Finished System underneath– Powder-coated beadboard finished ceiling.

The DryJoist is a DIY enthusiast’s dream. It’s easy to handle and cut and can be installed in any weather conditions, wet or dry. It is perfect for balconies and decks for both residential and commercial applications. The innovative design replaces traditional wood joists and eliminates the need for gutters. Ideal for remodelling projects and new construction, The light-weight aluminium boards employ standard deck tools and are much easier to work with than standard pressure-treated wood.

The system eliminates the need for conventional wood joists and precision-extruded aluminium components are impervious to insects, rot, mildew, and fire. View the video to see how this ingenious design works. For more concise information that includes the required tools and specific, step-by-step guide on DryJoist construction, download these easy 8-step directions.

Aluminium Decking Offers Superior Quality Without the Hassles

NexGEN’s Aluminium Decking is the crème de la crème of the entire decking industry. This revolutionary decking product stands head and shoulders above the competition. It is unsurpassed in both durability and longevity. Completely maintenance-free, this aluminium deck’s Super Durable powder coating delivers an extremely strong, UV stable surface finish that’s engineered to last a lifetime. It’s slip-resistant and remains cool on your feet even in the most blazing Australian sun.

NexGEN’s Aluminium Decks boast a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Class A — Flame Spread value of “0”, assuring that it will never represent a threat to the environment. Plus, the aluminium is completely recyclable.

Homeowners Are Investing Their Time in Home Renovations During COVID-19

Decking Home Renovations – Contact a NexGEN Dealer Near You

NexGEN stands behind its line of high-quality decking with the most comprehensive warranty to be found in the industry. It represents the first 50-year stain and fade warranty on reversible boards. When you purchase a NexGEN Fiberon deck system, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice. All of our dealers have serviced satisfied customers throughout Australia. NexGEN enjoys a stellar reputation as referenced in our customer testimonials. This list of the NexGEN dealers located in your area is ready to answer your questions concerning your NexGEN decking installation. For more information on our fine line of products or help with your home renovations, contact us.

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