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6 Stylish Outdoor Space and Patio Design Ideas


There are very few Aussies out there that would say “no” to the thought of having a patio on their property.

Actually, most people include it as a must-have when buying a new house as it’s a very important area for a family or when you have friends over. And while not all Aussies may come to an agreement over what exactly a patio is, who doesn’t enjoy a frosty while relaxing outside your home on a hot summer day? So, if you’re planning on redecorating or you’re just building your patio from scratch, you’ll definitely need some patio design ideas to get you started. With so many elements to put together and so many choices to make when it comes to decking, any help is welcome. We’ve put together 6 outdoor space and patio design ideas any home maker should take into consideration.

Stability is the Most Important – The Patio Design Tip Most People Ignore

No matter how you decide to decorate your patio if you’re going for a big dinner table, or just some chairs and smaller tables ideal for grabbing a coldie, you need to have a good flat surface to put all these too. That’s why we’re starting our list of patio design tips with the decking part. A quick search on Google will give you plenty of composite decking ideas that give you a very nice foundation to start building the perfect relaxation space.

Composite decks do not only give you a nice, stable surface to put together the perfect patio, but you also get durability and protection against the elements. Installing the proper deck on your patio means you will never have to worry about fading, cracks, or rotting.

As an example, you could go with a composite decking for your patio and, depending on the space you have, add an outdoor sofa and a clothed roof for shade in the summer. Thus, you will be getting the perfect outdoor relaxation spot for you and your family.

6 Stylish Outdoor Space and Patio Design Ideas

Don’t Add Too Much Furniture

Even if you have plenty of space to organize an outdoor dining area, it’s recommended not to go all-in with the patio design furniture. Sure, you’ll need chairs and a table if you’re planning to enjoy meals outside. However, don’t turn it into an outdoor kitchen. Making your patio look and feel like a room you’ve got inside the house it’s kind against its entire purpose.

If you’re not planning on eating outside, you can just put together a nice deck, a hammock on the side (or even a swing), and some potted plants to decorate everything (especially if you don’t have lots of green in your area.

Not All Patios Can Include a Barbie

Even though Aussies are big fans of chilling out with their buddies, having a coldie while firing up the barbie, not all patios can give you that. You need to adapt the patio design backyard plans to the space you’ve got. Barbecues tend to need a lot of space, and you can’t place them too close to the seating area, or everyone is going to get too much smoke for their taste.

Focus on relaxation and having a good time outdoor rather than trying to squeeze everything on your patio. You can do just well with a minimalist patio design décor and a mobile barbecue that you store in your garage and take out when you need it.

It Doesn’t Have to be Square

Despite the common choice for a square patio design layout, you can always go for other shapes as well. Especially if your backyard doesn’t offer lots of space, you can go for a round patio that is perfect for adding a table in the centre and a few small chairs around it. The decking options available nowadays allow you to build a patio with any shape or size you want to.

Don’t Forget about the Weather

Even though the whole point of thinking of outdoor space design is to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, you must never forget you’re living in Australia. Depending on the season, you can get lots of rain or scorching sun for many months in a year.

So, when browsing through outdoor space ideas, don’t forget to also add a roof or at least something that provides shade. If your budget allows it, you can go with a retractable roof so that you only use it when it’s needed. This way, you won’t make the patio feel like just another room of the house but with more air.

6 Stylish Outdoor Space and Patio Design Ideas

You’ll Also Need Lights

When decorating and planning their patio, most people forget they’ll spend time here when the sun comes down as well. Actually, in some areas in Australia, that’s the only time when it’s actually cool enough to be able to relax outdoors.

So, if you don’t want to further limit the time available on your patio, include outdoor space lighting on your shopping list. You can either go for the steampunk light bulbs that are so popular nowadays, or for a string of smaller lights. Alternatively, if you want to keep a classic look, you can get several lanterns – a great idea if you don’t need lots of light (for cooking or reading).

They say there’s a patio design for each person out there and that’s 100% true. Everyone should organize their patio to match their taste and preferences. We hope the ideas and tips presented above will help you get the patio you’ve always dreamed about. And don’t forget, it all starts with installing the best deck for the job!

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