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Fascia Boards Add Style, Flair, and Polish


Choosing Fascia Boards for Your Decking Project.

Fascia boards are boards, which are used to hide the supporting joists and bearers to give the decking project a more finished look. They typically match the decking and are meant to blend in but they can also be used to provide a pop of colour and contrast.

Adding fascia boards around the edges of your deck can add style, flair, and polish to any project.

The type and style of fascia board you choose will depend on how you want the final design to look. If you’re going for a complete look that’s as seamless as possible and blends nicely, then it would be best to choose a fascia board that matches your decking. For example, if you’ve built your deck with our Rosewood capped composite decking, you could easily match the fascia to it and come away with a beautiful finished product.

On the other hand if you prefer to go a bit less traditional, you can always choose a fascia board that nicely contrasts your decking. For example, if you’ve chosen light decking, then a darker colour used as the fascia boards to help ground the design. If you’ve chosen darker decking, then a lighter colour on the fascia boards can help keep the deck from feeling too heavy. This difference in colours draws the eye and provides a nice visual break.

If you’ve chosen a contrasting colour for your fascia boards, you can also use a similar colour in other places like railings, gates, and furniture to tie the entire design together.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with your fascia to create an interesting effect. A vertical fascia might be a perfect way to enclose the area especially if your decking is above 800mm off the ground.

You are not limited to using the same product as your decking for your fascia. Plastic lattice, brick pavers even powder coated galvanised steel are just a few other options you can combine to add some WOW to the fascia of your decking.

How Do You Install Fascia?
Choose the material you prefer for your fascia. If you’re using composite decking material, for example, consider also using that material for the fascia and other finishing elements. You already know how to work with it, and the uniformity will enhance the appearance of your deck.

Measure the perimeter of your deck to determine how much extra material you will need for the fascia. Cut the boards so they fit snugly around the base of the deck. If you like, leave a small lip underneath the deck’s surface.

Some homeowners even finish off the deck edge with bullnose trim.

Attach the boards to the rim joists using screws. Mitre the edges based on the angles you’ve established with your deck, then paint or stain the materials according to your preferences. If using a capped composite material this last part will not be required.

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