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Outdoor Lighting in Your Garden


3 Tips for Highlighting Your Container Garden with Outdoor Lighting.

For homeowners with limited space, container gardens can be the perfect solution for growing beautiful flowers or delicious fruits and vegetables on your patio or deck.

While the containers may look great during the day, it can be difficult to see them in the evening. To make your container garden look the best it can anytime night or day try these 3 tips for “Highlighting your container garden with outdoor lighting.

1) Try Solar-Powered Lights:
The easiest and most cost-efficient way to incorporate outdoor lighting to any outdoor space is through solar-powered lights. With the sun powering up these lights, you do not need to worry about turning them on or off and can simply head outdoors in the evening and enjoy the glow as the sun goes down.
Another benefit of solar-powered outdoor lighting is that there are so many variations in shape and colour meaning you will be able to find the one that best suits your outdoor area.
Not only will the solar powered lights look great but you can feel good knowing you are using a renewable energy source and keeping your electricity bill down.

2) Add Lighting in Several Locations:
A common issue people encounter when setting up the outdoor lighting for their patio or deck area is the light coming from just a single area instead of having ambient lighting throughout.
In order to have containers and the plants inside look their best, try adding lighting in several locations. Some good ideas include strung up around a canopy or staked in the ground.
This technique will also help highlight the areas you want to show case. Use a bolder brighter set of lights to really showcase the areas you want to show off.

3) When in Doubt, Add More:
Even with your new outdoor lighting put in, you may find that the deck or patio is still too dim to see any of the plants clearly. If this is the case do not be afraid to add more lights.
Waterproof lights can even be placed in the pots shining up into the foliage adding a really captivating effect.

By adding plenty of lighting you can enjoy the beauty of all your container plants without an issue.

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