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DIY Decking Over Concrete


DIY enthusiast? Want to build a deck without the hassle and cost of tearing up existing concrete, pavers, or other hard surfaces? You’re not alone. The thought of having to rip up existing surfaces in order to even start building has killed many deck projects over the years. Just make sure that any low spots where the concrete has settled have stopped sinking before you start a new project on the same area.

DIY Decking Over Concrete is one of our most frequently discussed topics and today we’d like to highlight two options that make installing decking over concrete incredibly quick and easy and more importantly, DIY friendly.

Our DIY Deckcell is the perfect solution for skipping the mess and working over these tricky surfaces. It’s simple to snap together (similar to lego), letting you build a complete solid subframe for a fraction of the time and cost more traditional materials would require. It’s also ideal for use over concrete or other paved surfaces, eliminating the need for messy and expensive demolition. Even if you had the time and energy to pull up old pavers or concrete, what would you do with them once you had them pulled up?

NexGEN’s DIY composite battens are also a strong choice for DIY decking over concrete. Made from the same composition as our decking boards, these battens are designed for use on paving or concrete pads, or joists on pedestal deck installations. There’s no need to paint, treat, or stain them and their composition makes them heavily resistant to cracking, splintering, rotting, termites, and other forms of decay. By using NexGEN SubDeck composite battens, you can build with confidence and rest assured that your sub-frame will last just as long as the rest of your beautiful NexGEN deck.

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If you’d like to know more about our Deckcell subframe and how composite battens can help you build a solid frame that will last as long as your decking boards do, contact us at NexGEN Decking. We’ll help get you set up with the all the right tools to build the deck you’ve always dreamed of.

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