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Deck Renovations: 3 Steps to Success


If your existing deck has seen better days, then it may be time to consider a deck renovation project. From replacing rotted boards to re-framing your deck, a quality deck renovation can maximise your outdoor living space and increase your home’s value. Before you dive into any deck renovation project, though, there are some important steps worth taking.

Find the Right Contractor

Once you have an idea of your deck renovation budget (including a 10% contingency fund), it’s time to find a contractor who can work with your budget and complete the project. Ideally, a deck renovation contractor should not only have extensive experience building decks, but excellent communication as well. He or she should be able to set forth a detailed schedule/timeline for the project and keep you informed throughout the process.

Consider Long-Term Needs

When deciding on materials for your deck remodelling project, don’t forget to consider both your short- and long-term needs. For instance, while it may be cheaper to replace those existing wooden boards with treated pine, a capped composite option may save you time and money on repairs and maintenance down-the-road. Have an open and honest conversation with your contractor regarding your long-term expectations in regards to maintenance, and work with him or her to find the best options for your budget.

Expect the Unexpected

Last but not least, understand that there will likely be unexpected delays with any deck remodelling project. This isn’t necessarily a reflection of your contractor’s expertise, but the previous builder’s work. For example, your contractor may discover that the flashing on your existing deck was done improperly, leading to previously undiscovered wood rot. As a result, more boards may need to be replaced and the flashing will need to be redone to avoid future problems. By preparing yourself for unexpected delays and staying in communication with your remodelling contractor, you can avoid unnecessary stress.

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By following these steps as you plan your deck renovation project, you’ll be on your way to a revamped outdoor space. For more information on maintenance-free decking, contact us today.

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