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DIY Deck Building at its Best


DIY deck building can be much easier than you think with NexGEN DIY DeckCell.

Building a deck can be a complicated and costly process, especially if you’re attempting to jump into the DIY pool with no previous experience in building or construction. Usually, these types of projects are worked out though a lot of trial and error and stress, but thankfully now there’s a simpler solution than all that: DIY DeckCell. If you can put a Lego set together, you can build a sturdy subframe with this super quick and easy system.

DeckCell is DIY deck building at its very best. The system is quicker, easier, and cheaper to use than a more traditional steel or timber sub-frame and the ideal choice for any area where the deck will be sitting over bricks, concrete, pavers, or compacted sand, making it the perfect go-to for DIY deck building projects. There’s no need to wait for a construction crew to have a clear schedule or waste valuable time and energy tearing up concrete or breaking your back lifting up and disposing of brick pavers which are already down.

NexGEN’s DIY DeckCell is made from recycled polypropylene with an incredible crush weight of 148 t/m². DeckCell can easily take the weight of a spa or even a vehicle without suffering any damage. It’s also resistant to both chemical and bacterial agents and will never rot, rust, degrade, or otherwise fail. DeckCell is also designed to save you the cost of a more traditional sub-frame, requiring no expensive or specialised tools to put together.

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Forget waiting around for trades to show up late just to give you a quote. Then it can sometimes take months to get a construction crew on-site to build you a new deck. Why wait? Contact us at NexGEN Decking and we’ll help you get your new deck faster, and for a fraction of the cost.

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