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Grey and White Exterior Colour Scheme: Simple Sophistication


There is something very beautiful about a white home; to all onlookers, it appears clean and bright. Especially if you love the look of a modern home, simplicity is very important in the overall look and design. Of course, when you are going to install a deck to better enjoy the outdoors, you need a colour that matches that style.

From the many colour combinations to consider, a grey deck tends to be a fantastic choice. That’s because grey and white together do a perfect job of balancing colour. Combined, both tints succeed in creating a sleek and modern look, as the grey brings some richness the otherwise simplistic exterior of your home.

In addition to both colours looking great together, each of them helps to emphasize the other. The white will pop against the grey deck, but it works just the same the other way around. In other words, they complement each other nicely because they never compete in the eyes of onlookers.

Additionally, if you have a grey deck and a white house, you will be able to add some splashes of colour with your furniture and decor options. If you have a white home, you may be a little nervous about adding colour to your deck. In that case, a grey deck is at once safe and brilliant. It works beautiful to create a rich look in combination with your white home, but also acts as a blank canvas if you want to start experimenting with other tints.

Grey and white are two fantastic colours that, although neutral, will give your home a beautiful look you’ll be proud to show off.

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