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Would A Deck Make Your House More Valuable?


Adding to your house can take quite a bit of effort and at least some money. If you are going to go to the bother, you will likely want to know if it will be worth it. Will it make your house more appealing and valuable? The answer has multiple parts.

Cheaply Adding Living Space

If you have a relatively small house and need a little more elbow room, a deck gives you additional square footage without adding the expense of a whole new room. This space can act as an extension of your living room or as somewhere to stow gardening implements. If you live on a slope, a deck adds outdoor living space by providing an area for a container garden and backyard activities. These additions to usable space will push up the value that you get out of the house and can be part of the value for any home buyers in the future.

Of course, how much value it adds to the home depends on how much space it adds and how that space will be used. Being able to use the space under the deck for storage will increase that value, as will being in an area where people want to entertain outside often.

Buyer Appeal

A well-made and well-kept deck definitely makes your back garden look nice, which could nudge a potential buyer into wanting your house. It is the details that will count in this area. Low-maintenance and long-lasting decks will attract more people than decks that are already showing signs of wear and will need fixing a short time after the person buys the house. Telling people that your deck is water-resistant and splinter-resistant aluminium and composite wood is a good selling point for when you move.

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