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Bring your Deck to Life with Stunning Outdoor Lights


Twilight outdoors is that moment when you want to slow the turning of the earth and resist going indoors. For freedom and flexibility in outdoor living, your deck deserves flexible and brilliant outdoor lighting options.

Simple and smart, the first lighting option to explore are self-contained solar-powered lights. No need to convert your whole home to solar to get in on the good feeling that you are automatically bringing up the lights with a renewable energy source. A good unit is one that comes on automatically when the sun goes down, but can also be manually switched off when you prefer darkness. The range of these lights on the market means you can select for elegance, whimsy, or any colour you prefer. Best of all, these outdoor solar lights keep your electricity bill tamed.

But don’t overlook one of the virtues of solar outdoor lights — even if you wire your outdoor lighting in a more conventional fashion from your household power source. Highly portable, most solar units can be placed in different parts of your deck depending on your needs. Placing lighting in strategic locations is key no matter what your power source. Highlight the areas of your deck or garden for utilitarian or decorative purposes — whether you are keeping the cutting board illuminated for food prep or back-lighting beautiful foliage.

When you look into outdoor lighting, don’t forget safety concerns. Outdoor Lights should be waterproof, and temporary extension cords should be used only for specific occasions, not left as semi-permanent installations. Remember that the kind of bulb matters. LED bulbs overheat less, and fluorescent Christmas light strings do not heat up as quickly as conventional light string bulbs. Any permanent outlets must be rated for exterior use as well, of course.

Because our NexGEN aluminium deck is flame-proof, you are free to experiment with DIY outdoor lighting such as candles in mason jars. Handmade hurricane lights can be customized with paint or twine to give personal character to your deck centrepiece. With a little care, the magic of candlelight becomes part of your outdoor living space. And your art project can do double duty by repelling insects! Use citronella candles when you are hanging out in your outdoor living area. To increase both the dosage and the visual beauty, place tiki torches that are fuelled with citronella oil mixture in large planters or similar fireproof containers.

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Our decks are designed to be easy to customise in every way. We want to help homeowners create that much desired outdoor room for living and for looking at, extending the eye from the inside house into the night in the cooler months. For more information on lighting or electrifying your deck, contact us.

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