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You can build your own Deck in Five Simple Steps


If you want to build your own deck, there are several things that need to be done to get you prepared.

To get started you need a plan, materials list and a NexGEN decking supplier. Once you are ready to start building, just follow the installation instructions. Here are the steps to take to create a beautiful capped composite deck yourself:

1.Plan—to start you need a plan to see how the deck is going to be built. There are many choices of different styles that capped composite decking gives you. Some options include using different tones of colours and patterns for the installation of the decking.

2.Measurements—Before you can get started making a list of materials, you need to have all the measurements. First, you want to have the square meterage of the deck. In addition to the deck, include the area of stairs and any additional features for the total measurements.

3.Visit or call your local NexGEN supplier—When you have all the measurements of your deck, find your nearest NexGEN supplier to quote your project.

4.List of materials and tools—You will need a list of materials that you are going to need. NexGEN Decking will supply you with a breakdown of your order. It will include the number of boards, screws, clips, etc.  If there are any special design features for outdoor living space, include these materials on your list. Many features like seating and planters are easily built into deck designs. Get your tools ready! Standard woodworking tools can be used. We advise the use of tungsten carbide saw blades with our Composite Deck.

5.Follow installation guidelines—The NexGEN capped composite decking is very easy to install. Just follow the instructions that are delivered with the materials.

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Once you have finished with your project, send through pictures of your finished NexGEN capped composite Deck. If you need help with materials, installation or modifications of NexGEN Decking, contact us and we will help you with completing your project.

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