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Composite Facade Ultra Low Maintenance


Trendy Store Front Renovation With A Composite Facade

Renovation of an older structure, to fit a new business, is a common theme of rejuvenation in many areas of Australia. A facade facelift, if done properly and imaginatively, can provide a unique experience by combining the best of the old and the best of the new. For example, existing seasoned brickwork framed and clad with the trendy technology of a composite facade, creates a stylish and inviting store front.

Whether it be an upscale coffee and pastry shop, or a new clothing or antique showroom, the positioning of capped composite facade decking boards can inexpensively hide problematic areas while providing a fresh, clean look that lasts. Capped composite building materials look like wood, but last for decades without maintenance, in complete contrast to wood. Not only are they stain and fade resistant, UV resistant and insect resistant, they also never rot or splinter.

A capped composite facade looks wonderfully “techie” against an old structure, and can be used to completely cover the existing facade with a solid wall, or be mounted as spaced visual barriers to allow a 3-dimensional experience. Often, either the top-half or the bottom-half, of the existing facade is salvageable, while the other half is unusable. Capped composite facade boards provide a beautiful, flexible and durable building material to easily frame-out and cover the unsightly half.

NexGEN capped composite facade boards give the appearance of real wood with none of the hassles. Why? Because NexGEN premium capped composite boards are capped on four sides with innovative PermaTech surface technology. Not only that but NexGEN capped composite facade boards are very easy to work with and be installed using common woodworking tools. There is no need to go to the expense of any special tools or equipment.

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NexGEN’s capped composite decking boards withstand weather, daily wear and tear, UV rays, never warp or splinter, and never need to be waterproofed, sanded or painted. Ask NexGEN about their stain and fade warranty before you start your next project.

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