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Composite Cladding Benefits


Why you should choose capped composite cladding for your facade?

The exterior of your home gets a real beating from the weather, and can quickly get run down if left to its own devices. Nobody likes to look at an old weathered facade, and certainly nobody enjoys having to maintain the same. To deal with this, many people look at different ways to protect the exterior of their homes from the harsh elements. Some look at different shade options to protect from the harsh sun whilst others look to painting and rendering which just creates a different type of maintenance problem.

Clever people look to turn a problem area into a feature facade by using cladding products. Cladding is a way to build a sort of or exterior skin to protect what’s underneath. You have a wide range of materials to pick from when you add cladding to your home, but be careful in your choice as the wrong type of material is just going to create more work. One of the best choices available is capped composite cladding.

When you pick capped composite cladding for your home, you get the combined benefits of wood and plastic. The plastic and capping wards off whatever mother nature can throw at your house, which is the biggest job of cladding. After all weathering and decay is one of the most common threats a home faces. When there is no decay, there is no weakened structures which means no maintenance.

The wood in the capped composite cladding makes the material stiffer and resistant to crushing. It won’t warp or splinter, and the golf ball cover capping will keep the sun from fading the colour. This gives your home a beautiful facade while protecting it against the elements 25 or more maintenance free years, which is why it comes with long warranty benefits.

Capped composite cladding needs virtually no maintenance to continue looking beautiful. You won’t have to apply any stains or paints, which would fade after a few years anyway. Should it get muddy, you just wipe the surface with cold or soapy water. If you want to get high-tech, you can use the same high-pressure cleaner on it that you use on your deck or driveway.

Topping off all these benefits is the joy of knowing that you are helping the earth by cladding your home in recycled, locally-sourced materials that will last longer than you will likely live in the house. You reduce your carbon footprint three times by saving scrap materials from the dump, not using up a lot of precious resources, and not having to replace the materials for a long time.

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