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Wood Versus Composite: Which is Better?


Having a deck is almost like an obligatory part of owning a home. You should enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest extent, and having a good deck is a great way to get started. The two most popular choices for decking material are wood and composite, and we’re going to discuss which one we think is better and why.


When you think of a deck, you probably automatically think of wood. This is because in the past, almost all decks were constructed of this material. It may seem like the logical choice because it is a natural material and not as costly upfront as other materials. But aside from that, wood can bring a set of problems that you’re just not going to want to deal with. Decks constructed from wood are highly prone to things like rotting, insect infestation, and splintering. And while the upfront cost for a wood deck is generally lower than composite, you’ll very likely spend more in the long run on upkeep and repairs.


Our capped composite decking will provide you and your family with a safe place to eat, play, and relax. You will not have to worry about the deck cracking, rotting, or giving you splinters. It is virtually rot resistant, and not to mention insect resistant as well. And unlike wood, our capped composite decking will last upwards of 25 years or more. It’s low maintenance and looks beautiful all year round.

Wood Versus Composite: Which is Better?
Wood Versus Composite: Which is Better?
Wood Versus Composite: Which is Better?

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