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Wood Plastic Composite Explained


Wood plastic composite is becoming more popular but has the product evolved?

The first wood plastic composite decking boards were made from raw materials blended together and extruded through a die using what was called a mono-extrusion process. Certainly an improvement over wood boards in terms of warping, splitting and rotting, however these early generation wood plastic composite boards still molded, scratched, stained and faded and in general they did not hold up to the elements over time.

NexGEN has their boards manufactured using a new process of co-extrusion. In co-extrusion, two or more materials are passed through one die creating a single piece that has the properties of the original materials but with a protective outer layer creating a product called “capped wood plastic composite decking”. The outer layer is permanently fused to the inner core and will not come off over time. This outer layer, or capping as it is known, is made from the same material as the cover on a golf ball.

The raw materials that make up the NexGEN wood plastic composite boards are recycled materials such as hardwood door and window frames for the wood portion; car bumpers and other commercial products for the plastic portion. Antioxidants, surface protectants and colour additives are added to the mix at precise times and after extrusion, wood grain is imprinted on the board all giving exactly the right colour, tone and design that NexGEN demands.

Strict quality testing throughout the manufacturing process ensures the boards meet our exacting standards. Your NexGEN boards will hold up to many many years of exposure from the harsh Australian climate without fading, splintering, cracking or warping. The capped wood plastic composite boards are also resistant to insect infestation.

Capped wood plastic composite decking is easy to maintain. A once yearly cleanup with soap and water will keep your deck looking new for years to come. Innovative manufacturing along with strict quality control and attention to detail sets NexGEN products apart from the competition.

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