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Perfect Cold Drinks for Summer on Your Deck


Summer comes with the splash of clear water in the pool, fireworks, laying out soaking up the rays, and a fresh, beautiful feeling that can only come this time of year. It’s the perfect time of year to relax out back on your deck with a cold drink in your hand and your feet up — so we’ve compiled the best of our favorite summer drink recipes for the ultimate summer relaxation session.

  • Refreshing Coconut Margarita

Our list begins with Foodie Crush’s beautiful coconut margarita. The bright, summery flavors pair beautifully with the lovely white colour of the coconut milk, with just a dash of surprise from the lime wedge garnish. It’s perfect for sipping in the shade with a friend, and light enough that you can go for that second round — we won’t judge.

  • Tomato Mojito

Next on our list is a new twist on an old classic: the Tomato Mojito. Rachel Hollis is both a blogger and a writer, and created this cocktail when writing a mixologist into her novel. While much of it seems familiar, she’s subbed several fruits out for tomatoes to enhance and create a fresh, bright flavor. With a brand new mojito and a cool piece of trivia to throw out while you’re drinking them, this one is perfect for a summer night outside with the girls. Learn the rest of the story and find the recipe at The Chic Site.

  • Cucumber Cooler Cocktail

Nothing says a sweet, relaxing summer day like a cucumber cooler cocktail. It’s a perfect pair for a summer evening out on the patio, music playing, string lights around you. In fact, it’s this cocktail above all on our list that really screams summer. It’s light, easy, and sweet to look at, and was a natural centerpiece for our list. Find the recipe, the step-by-step instructions, and how to alter it for each unique palate over at Minimalist Baker.

Perfect Cold Drinks for Summer on Your Deck

Refreshing Coconut Margarita

Perfect Cold Drinks for Summer on Your Deck

Cucumber Cooler Cocktail

  • Strawberry-Infused Bourbon & Mint Julep

No drink list is complete without a splash of bourbon. But while some bourbon drinks can weigh heavy, this particular tasty treat offers bright flavors of mint and strawberry to elevate the liquor. And with a base of two ingredients, even the most novice drinker could mix this up in a flash. Cookie & Kate present a fun, brightly colored, and easy way to create a memorable cocktail, but take note: the infusion begins three to seven days before you enjoy the cocktail.

  • Melon Ball Cocktail

And at the very last, but certainly not least, is perhaps the brightest, lightest, most summer-infused cocktail on this list: the melon ballcocktail. explains it best: summer is easy, and so is this. With white wine, sparkling water, and some lovely, colourful pops of melon in your drink, it’s perfect for sitting outdoors in a lawn chair, listening to the beautiful sounds of a summer afternoon — or morning, or midnight. This cocktail is perfect for really anytime summer, and anywhere.

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So pick your favorite, find a comfy chair, and sip away on one or all — and let summer be more than a feeling, but a taste you can savor. For more ideas on how to create the perfect summer retreat right in your backyard, contact our experts, and let your summer truly begin.

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