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Secret Fixings Fix Common Decking Problems


Why the Secret Fixings are The Answer to Your Decking Problems

Are you building a composite or aluminum deck? Here are a few reasons why NexGEN’s Secret Fixings are the perfect solution to the stress and hassle of nailing down your decking boards. Most decks require you to nail down or otherwise fasten your boards in a time-consuming process involving checking your measurements with strings and pre-drilling holes for bolts or screws, but our Secret Fixings makes laying down decking one of the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective parts of deck construction.

The Secret Fixings System is designed for use with both aluminum and composite decking boards so no matter which material you’ve constructed your deck from, you can take advantage of the ease with which the entire thing snaps together.

One of the biggest hassles with standard decking is taking the time to be sure that all of the boards fit together smoothly and evenly. With the Secret Fixings, hidden fasteners help easily ensure that all your deck’s surfaces are level and even, setting the correct spacing between boards and adhering to any plastic, steel, or timber sub-framing system you may have used.

The Secret Fixings system is designed to fit the side grooves of composite or aluminum decking, eliminating the need for measuring with strings, carting around nails, or pre-drilling holes in your decking. Fastening decking boards together at the sides also means that you don’t have to drill through them in order to fix them together, resulting in a smooth, blemish-free surface.

Composite and aluminum decking is designed to help you create the perfect ultra low maintenance outdoor living space in the most cost-effective and effortless way possible, and our Secret Fixings are no exception to that rule.

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