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Problems with Decking – Common things to look for


A deck out the back adds immediate character and value to your home. Unfortunately, there are several problems with decking that you can experience over its lifetime.

NexGEN Decking is unique in that these issues can be prevented. Following, are 5 common problems with decking that you will not experience from NexGEN Decking.

Problems with Decking #1. Fading: Your deck is exposed to the sun daily. Over time, this sun can lead to fading. This discolouration is a common complaint among deck owners. It requires work to get it restored to the original colouring with the use of wood cleaners and brighteners. Don’t be fooled by the term “natural weathering” that some companies throw around. That’s just a shonky way of confirming that their product will fade!

Problems with Decking #2. Rotting: Water exposure can lead to rotting. This can be due to the sealant, paint or stain failure. In addition, you could have standing water caused by a gutter leak. It is vital to repair the decking to avoid further damage or termite infestation. Unfortunately, rotting correction can be costly.

Problems with Decking #3. Nail Exposure: Over time, nails can begin to pop out of the decking due to the decking absorbing moisture and swelling and then drying out and returning to normal thickness. This is both unattractive and very dangerous. It can take an inordinate amount of time to remove and correct this problem. Moreover, certain deck types can shrink over time due to dryness. This will create gaps and the only way to correct is with board replacements.

Problems with Decking #4. Mould and Mildew: A build up of leaf matter with some moisture can cause mould and mildew. Sweep your decking regularly to avoid vegetation build up. Prevent standing water by installing gutters and verifying all water runoff is away from the deck. Washing regularly with a fungicide is a good preventative.

Problems with Decking #5. Staining: Barbecue grease, red wine, coffee, muddy footprints are just a few of the myriad of things that can cause permanent staining on your decking. On timber you will need to re-sand and recoat to remove these stains. On inferior composite decking there isn’t much you can do but wait until the stains fade along with the boards. With NexGEN Capped Composite Decking all these thrills and spills simply wash off.

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The above problems with decking can take lots of time and money to correct. NexGEN Decking offers a way to prevent these common problems. The decking requires no sanding, sealing, staining or oiling. In addition, staining and fading is covered by a 25 year warranty. To learn more about material types and styles contact us.

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