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Pet Friendly Decking


Pet Friendly Decking – Keeping Fido Happy

Decks are the favorite place of all family members, and that includes your pets. Our furry pals love to lounge on the deck right beside us. The only problem is that pets scratch, make messes, and get into things they shouldn’t on decks. That will be a big problem if you choose the wrong decking material. Here are 3 reasons you’ll love our pet friendly decking:

Our pet friendly decking is easy to clean.

Even if your dog is perfectly house-trained and your cat is fastidious, accidents happen. Your cat might decide to give you a present of half a mouse, which bakes on your deck. Your dog will definitely track mud on the porch. Fortunately, aluminium and capped composite decking is super easy to clean. You take some soapy water and wipe off whatever mess you find. You don’t have to worry about staining, using fancy cleaners, or drying the materials. In fact, the general maintenance of capped composites consists of sweeping up debris. That’s it.

Our pet friendly decking is very scratch resistant.

Most of our favorite types of pets have claws, and many of them like to dig. You can skip worrying about those claws with NexGEN decking. Our capped composite decking resists scratching since it is capped with tough PermaTech material. This PermaTech is a proprietary type of polymer that is fusion bonded to the composite core, giving it the protection against normal wear and tear.

Our pet friendly decking is of course very safe for your furry friends.

Since you never apply stains or sealants to capped composite or aluminium decking, you don’t have to worry about your curious puppy or kitty getting in the staining chemicals and trying to drink it. Capped composite decking has no nails and will not splinter so your pet’s paws will be safe. These decking materials can save you a lot of worry when it comes to the safety of your pet.

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