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Outdoor Halloween Decorations, 4 Easy Thrills for Decking Out Your Halloween Party


A Halloween party outdoors can be a magnificent thing – in the thrill of moonlight, nearly anyone’s costume looks a million times better; your Halloween theme goes through the roof (whether you’ve chosen spooky, sexy, or casual); and it’s just about the only holiday that really makes great use of the moon as decoration. We won’t have a full moon for Halloween, but it will be big, shiny and bright – and that’s just about all you need for a party.

Planning a Halloween party around your deck space is easy, especially once you’ve figured out your outdoor Halloween decorations. Here are four ideas that are bound to get your party off to a thrilling start!

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Messy

Since you’ll be outside, your clean up on November 1st will be a breeze – just hose everything down, and you’ll be golden! Be sure that any outdoor Halloween decorations you do opt to be especially liberal with are non-toxic and eco-friendly, as they’ll be running off your deck or porch and into the soil around your yard. So what exactly do we mean by “messy”? Try cracking open a few glow sticks and oozing them down the front of your steps (just the fronts, mind you! No slip hazards here, thank you). Or even brew up a batch of fake blood and stage your own outdoor murder scene.

Zombify Your Garden

Fake body parts for outdoor Halloween decorations are easy to come by this time of year, so pick up a few hands, feet, or even heads, and “sprout” them up around the yard! If you have the space, utilize your whole garden area. Otherwise, make use of your potted plants on the porch and have a mini zombie rising happening in your terra cotta pots.

Invite a Few Extra Guests

Whether you’re planning on using your whole backyard or just your back deck for the party, make a few extra “party guests” to station around the place to spook a few guests and set the tone. This mud Grimm Reaper makes a fabulous addition to any Halloween party, while these tombstones made from cardboard would be a simple way to turn any deck into a haunted graveyard. And this packing tape ghost would be great to create and tuck away at a distance, especially near some large trees or by some shrubbery.

Get Your Glow On

Since you’ll be outdoors, it’s a great opportunity to really go nuts with the glow sticks. Fortunately, they’re cheap and easily found online and at party supply stores. Crack open a few green ones and drop them into a bucket full of drinks to create a witch’s cauldron. You could even make these whimsical glowing spider balls, perfect for a kid’s party or adult’s alike. Or create some floating lights shaped like witches hats!

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