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Outdoor Decking Meets Technological Innovation Creating Stunning Results


Outdoor decking is not being left behind in the technology era.

While the modern world is being transformed by mobile technology, the structures we live and work in remain largely made from the same materials. Of course, when people think about outdoor decking, wood is the main product that comes to mind. For some people this is changing as outdoor decking meets technological innovation, with NexGEN Capped Composite Decking products leading the way.

What are NexGEN Decking Capped Composite Products?

Basically, NexGEN decking is a composite material made from recycled materials, including 60% recovered hardwood fibre and 40% UV-stabilised high-density polyethylene. In other words, this is cutting-edge technology brought to outdoor decking. With this breakthrough decking material on the market, people now have a great alternative to traditional wood decking for the reasons we’ll discuss.

Benefits of Capped Composite Decking

  • Last Much Longer
  • Much Less Maintenance
  • Cost Heaps Less Over Time
  • Looks Great
  • No Splinters
  • No Termites
  • No Hassles

The first thing you’ll notice is how great this decking really looks. Outdoor decking wouldn’t be the same without that beautiful wood finish look to it, and NexGEN decking provides this desirable look. Yet, with capped composite decking, your wonderful looking deck will last twice as long as wood and require no upkeep at all. In fact, the only maintenance required is some washing with soap (and even that’s optional if you don’t care about a dirty deck).

This is an incredibly durable product designed to last under extreme hot and cold weather without warping or damaging. Another great benefit of capped composite decking is the absence of splinters! Anyone who’s had an aging deck knows how dangerous it can get when the wood becomes splintered and dry. Forget about having to sand your deck and refinish it every few years, and forget about avoiding the deck because it’s dangerous to your exposed skin!

With NexGEN decking, you can have a great looking and long-lasting deck without the maintenance. These are simple but powerful benefits, which technology has made possible for outdoor decking. Technology has caught up with outdoor decking, and NexGEN Decking has brought this perfect union together with beautiful results.


Now before you think technology means expensive, consider that capped composite decking will require less maintenance and last longer than wood. So, although the product does cost more initially somewhat, in the long run: NexGEN decking will save you money.

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Saving you money, time, effort, and creating a safe decking environment, are all great benefits of using capped composite decking. The selling point is how great it looks, and how easy it is to work with for DIY projects. NexGEN Decking has brought technology to outdoor decking, and the stunning conclusion is now available to you. To learn more about our products and services, please contact us today.

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