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Low Care Backyards – Top Design Choices


The choice to go low-maintenance in the world of landscaping in Australia is an easy one. Homeowners with low care backyards enjoy beautiful gardens and landscapes that are easy on the wallet (since less money is needed for upkeep), are more sustainably responsible (since you’re using native species), and which offer year-round beauty and enjoyment for all.

Low care backyards don’t require any special training or education to get into, so let’s explore some of our favourite species and design modifications for these easy to own gardens.

Go Native

While there are many environmental reasons to choose native species in your landscaping plans, in the world of low care backyards the reasons are simple. Native species are already acclimated to an environment that isn’t getting perfectly scheduled water and food every day on a timer; native species are often hardy and drought resistance; and native species have had thousands of years to perfect their own designs in terms of being the absolute best in terms of making do on the least amount of resources possible.

Lomandra is a great choice if you want a bit of height; it gets to around 1 meter high and has a lovely long thin leaf it makes (think a giant grass). It will even bloom for you! You can also consider Japanese sacred bamboo (which isn’t a bamboo at all), which has more flowers and berries (great for local birds). Birds of paradise are also native to Australia and will do well in the area; they will likely give you some of the most gorgeous flowers in your yard, and are sure to stun your party guests.


When you turn to the world of low care backyards you’ll want to let your mind wander from the world of grass as ground cover to some more alternative options. Think about carving out some walkways around the edges of your yard, and maybe even through it – this will not only take up space that would otherwise be occupied by needy plants, but will also create a more visually intriguing space. Perhaps at the end of your pathway you could erect a gazebo over a deck made of capped composite.

Success in Succulents

Succulents are the anti-green-thumb person’s dream. They require almost no attention at all (talk about low care backyards), they’re quite happy if you forget them every now and then, and they’re total knock-outs in terms of their looks. Succulents can provide a wide array of gorgeous textures, shapes, as well as colors to any garden – all without lifting a finger. Look into Aloes, Jades, Enchylaena, Calostemma, and Kalanchoe. There are even edible succulents that you can bring to life in your yard!

Shade Your Soil

In areas where you do chose to plant in-ground, try to keep the distance between plants at a bare minimum. Desertification of soils tends to happen when your top layer of soil is exposed to the harsh winds and sun of our lovely continent; by placing your plants closer together, you’re ensuring that they’ll help protect the soil they’re depending on. Just don’t plant so closely that their root systems are fighting one another for nutrients!

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