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How to Build a Deck Frame / How to Build a Deck Part 4


How to Build a Deck Frame – How to Build a Deck Part 4

This is part 4 in our how to build a deck series / how to build a deck frame.

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Framing (or sub-frame) is what many people are most familiar with then it comes to deck building, but often this isn’t done correctly. Framing isn’t difficult, but it does require a few more steps than people may assume.

How to build a deck frame – bearers and joists:

When it comes to building a deck frame, there are many different approaches to installing your bearers and joists. The important thing is consistency and proper planning. In other words, if your deck building changes elevation, finish one section before you start on the next.

To start out, you should have all of your visible support posts in place and the tops of these posts should be level with the bottom of the deck frame. Make sure that the posts are cut to sit flush with the bottom of the frame at all points and then attach them with the proper post beam connector.

If you’re planning to drop the boards into place on the posts, simply cut a properly sized beam notch into them before you attach them to the post base connectors. When you assemble your frame, drop the boards into place, then run two bolts through them and into the support beams. It’s important to make sure that any splice in the beam is both supported by a post and double bolted to ensure the structure is sound.

From there, you can move on to installing the deck joists. Work from the outside edge (or outermost) joists inwards, filling in the frame after the outer joists are secured.

How to build a deck frame tip: It’s very important to check the required joist spacing from the technical data on the type of decking board you have chosen.

If you install your joists with a bit over overhang, it’s easy to snap a chalk line over them and then cut them back to keep them even. Installing a header/fascia board across the ends of the joists, as well as installing bridging (lateral bracing between joists for stability and weight distribution) at the middle of the deck, around the sides, and at any span of joists that runs longer than 2.40 metres will help to solidify the structure and reduce any bouncing in the finished deck.

Needless to say there are many different kinds of decks and at least as many methods on how to build a deck frame, but this is a basic, secure way to frame up most deck projects.

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