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Cover Your Eyesores And Make Your Backyard Shine


Everyone would like to have total control over their yard, but sometimes circumstances force us to house something ugly in it. Whether it is an outside air conditioning unit, an electric meter, or just too many tools, we get stuck with something we can’t toss and we can’t live with seeing everyday. Fortunately, you can use capped composite decking to hide whatever it is just by using a little even imagination. You might even make your eyesore your yard’s best feature.

Build Boxes Over The Eyesore

Boxes made of capped composite decking always look better than pool pumps and other unfortunate necessities. Whatever you need to keep in the yard but would prefer to not look at can be made to disappear if you build a box around it. This has the additional virtue of protecting important items from the weather.

Build A Deck Over It

This isn’t as drastic as it sounds. Sometimes you have to store a lot of stuff or cover items that are pretty wide. Camouflaging the eyesore under a classy looking deck does triple duty: hiding unsightly things from view, keeping things in good condition, and giving your yard a touch of the high life. It does all three jobs particularly well if you use capped composite decking to make your deck because it doesn’t leave cracks between the boards.

Make A Bench

If your particular eyesore is relatively short, you can incorporate your eyesore into your landscape and give your guests a pleasant place to sit at the same time by building a bench around the item. Just build a long box that is the right height for sitting on and then add a back to it by fixing the boards to posts connected to the back of the box. This will allow you to make your eyesore into a feature of your garden that you can landscape around. And it is even practical for resting on. Capped composite decking is even more comfortable to sit on than wood because it doesn’t splinter.

Build A Toolbox Into The Grounds

If what you have is sharp tools that tend to get left around, build a tool box into your deck or porch. This doesn’t just provide easy storage, the fact that the attractive little box is right out in the open will encourage even the laziest to put their tools away.

Build A Shed

Maybe the thing you need to cover is tall. You know what is also tall? A shed. Sheds cladded with capped composite decking can be a lovely addition to your landscape, evoking the charm of a working farm and providing camouflage for anything you would rather not see.

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