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Decking Prices – Capped Composite versus Timber


If you’re considering building a new deck, or renovating an existing one, you are probably doing the wise thing and comparing decking prices and options.  At first glance, it will appear that capped composite decking prices are a higher than some timber decking options.  But, before you decide just on decking prices, look closer.

Timber decking that is highly weather resistant and insect resistant; red ironbark for example, costs almost as much as capped composite decking.  Less expensive options like pressure treated pine decking or imported merbau decking often come with inherent problems such as a tendency to split and twist as the wood dries out from the treatment process.  With exposure to weather elements, the wood will crack and splinter.  It will also change colour.  All natural wood will “silver” from exposure to the sun.  To keep a natural wood look, you must pressure wash the deck, let it dry thoroughly, and apply oil and or sealer every year.

More on decking prices:

Even if you do the labour yourself — and consider your time to have no monetary value (WHAT!) — the cost of the deck cleaner and oils and sealants adds to the overall cost of the deck.  At $100 for a tin that will only cover a small deck, adds up very quickly. To make matters worse you may need 2 or 3 coats.  If you hire a crew to do the work, the accumulated cost skyrockets. states that the average cost of sealing a deck is currently US$787.00 (currently that’s over $1,000 Aussie dollars).

NexGEN Capped Composite Decking won’t rot, warp, twist, splinter or crack. Our Capped Composite Decking never needs oiling, sealing or staining and is not prone to insect damage.  And, because it’s made from recycled products, it is an earth-friendly choice rather than cutting trees.

NexGEN Capped Composite Decking has a 25 Year Stain, Fade and Performance warranty.

Use NexGen’s free and fast composite decking cost calculator to estimate your job.

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