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Deck Suited for the Australian Climate


Design a Deck Suited for the Australian Climate

Sitting down to build a deck that’s unique to Australia isn’t exactly a difficult task, but your finished project won’t be a deck that could suit just any climate. Decks suited for the Australian climate have a number of features that make them special for our lovely country — here are just a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when beginning your process to design a deck suited for the Australian climate.


If you’re out on your deck in Australia, it’s likely hot. Luckily, an abundance of shade options awaits anyone looking to create the perfect oasis on their deck space. Those looking for a more permanent option can actually build their shade in the form of an overhead pergola or gazebo. Fabric can also be utilised, whether in the form of a large rectangular screen or in a more contemporary Sun Shade. Whatever fabric you do go with, be sure to choose something that is fade-resistant to keep your deck from needing constant upgrading from season to season.


Not only do Australian home-owners need to worry about more extreme climates beating down on their decking, but the risk of bushfires for more prone areas means selecting decking material that is less flammable is an absolute must. A capped composite product — one made from wood fibres, plastics and resins — is not only less likely to catch fire during the dry season, but also won’t splinter or require anywhere near as much upkeep, and will last longer than a traditional timber product.


You may find that even with shade, your deck is lacking in air circulation or more relaxing and cooling moments. If you do go the route of a constructed deck roofing, consider installing an outdoor ceiling fan to keep circulation up during the hotter months. Not interested in a fan? A deck misting system may be perfect for you. There are countless mist systems that can work to make your deck a cool and comforting haven during the hotter months — just what you want in your perfect outdoor space.


When it’s time to begin furnishing, be sure to select pieces (both furniture and décor) that will stand up to the climate. This means preparing for the expected sun and heat as well as the monsoon season in northern Australia. Extend your waterproofing to the deck as well — seal your timber decking, and be sure to take the ground beneath your deck into account when designing the initial layout and design to prevent any kind of damage to your footings or even your home’s foundation.

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