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Tips For Deck Safety


Everyone loves the look of decks, but some people worry about safety. Fortunately, capped composite and powder-coated aluminium decking are very safe materials. They present no splinters, are slip-resistant, and our Aluminium decks stay cooler than other materials so you can feel comfortable allowing your children to run across the deck barefoot. Of course, you want to make sure your family is safe from other sources, too. Here are a few tips for making your deck an oasis of safety.

1. Gates For Stairs

Stairs are always a point of danger. Families with very young children fear them crawling to the edge and tumbling down head first before they can walk. You can limit this danger by installing an adjustable deck gate on the top of the stairs to keep infants up on the deck.

Be sure that the gate fits securely between rails and that it latches closed. Also, be sure that the latch is child-proof and can be locked.

2. Make Safe Rails

Rails around the deck are a good way to keep people safe; they give people something to hold on to when they are on the edge of the deck. The ideal deck rail is taller than the average adult’s waist. This will keep people from leaning so far over the rail that they fall.

If you have very young children, you should also make sure that the space between the posts on the railing are so close together that a toddler can’t stick his or her head between them and get stuck.

You can get directions from the city, too. This is especially true since balustrading for decks that are elevated is regulated by the local authorities. You will need to meet their requirements to comply and meet Australian Standards to have a safe deck.

3. Lighting

Being able to see where you are going is always a first step in being safe. Install lights around your deck, especially on stairs and walkways, to keep people from tripping. You have a number of lighting options, some of them environmentally sound. For instance, solar lights and low-voltage LED lights look great and use very little energy.

4. Avoid Tripping Hazards

General tidiness can go a long way toward keeping people safe. Be sure to pick up toys, hoses, and other items from the walkways so people have a clear path for walking. Anything on wheels, such as outdoor grills, should be secured after they have been put away so no one tries to lean on them and falls.

Sweep up leaves before they become slimy puddles, too. Aluminium and capped composite decking is generally slip-resistant, but plant matter can get slippery. Keeping your deck completely safe is a matter of making sure it drains water properly and that fallen organic matter is cleaned up.

Tips For Deck Safety
Tips For Deck Safety

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If you follow these tips, your family should be able to enjoy your deck in complete security. If you haven’t made a deck because of safety concerns, but now think you could incorporate one in your home, contact us. We can help you build a family-friendly deck.

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