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Deck Drainage System – Keeping You Dry, Even In The Rain


During dry days, a deck can be immensely functional and beneficial. But what happens if you also want to enjoy the outdoors during and shortly after rainy days? That’s when a Deck Drainage System can come in handy, giving your deck the ultimate functionality.

What is a deck drainage system?

A deck drainage system is developed specifically to allow water to go between the boards of your deck, which will then be caught by the joist system below. As a result, the water is funneled from below your deck out to the side, making it a better alternative than rain simply falling through the center of your deck.

In a deck that takes advantage of this type of waterproofing, a beadboard ceiling exists underneath the surface. As a result, you can use the space underneath your deck or balcony for any purpose or activity that you desire, without being affected by the rain.

For example, you might want to utilise the space under your deck for storage. Alternatively, you may be looking for additional entertaining space; both are easily possible with a deck drainage system. The aluminium DryJoist system, allows you to take advantage of a high-quality product that is strong enough to hold your deck even as it keeps the underneath dry. This type of aluminium, of course, is impervious to rot, mildew, insects, and fire.

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By installing a deck drainage system, you’ll be able to allow water to flow away from your deck without getting the area beneath your deck wet. And if you want to capture the water that runs out from below your deck to water your garden, your deck will also become more eco friendly. To learn more about this great product, along with many more, please contact us.

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