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The Advantages of Curved Decks


When most people make decks, they make a simple rectangle. It seems like a pretty intuitive design. It’s a thing of beauty that doesn’t take much preliminary designing.

However, a rectangle is not the only shape that decks come in. Curved decks are also a possibility. You can make a half-moon or bend the sides into sinuous curves. Adding these design features has some advantages.

Fewer Corners For Hiding

A corner on your deck can be difficult to dig things out of, and it will consequently collect dirt, dog hair, and other debris. This pile can hide small things that get dropped on the deck and trap water in a puddle. The only way to deal with this is to either angle the power washer along the side of the deck or to use a small, angled broom.

A curved deck leaves all sides equally accessible, leading to easy clean-up. No puddles will have the chance to form, nor will a pile of debris swallow up your stray screws.

Matches The Landscape

Few things in nature sport straight lines. Your backyard probably has many rounded walkways or garden beds, and a rounded deck will match this general look.

Besides looking appealing and organic in your yard, adding curves to the design makes it fit snuggly around your other garden features. This allows you to make a bigger deck.

Stands Out From The Crowd

There is something very ‘New Wave’ about a curved deck. It brings to mind the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and the art of Picasso with its originality. It’s just out-of-the-box enough to be unusual, too. Despite it being an easy design to execute with composite boards, very few people will even think of it so you can be the first to have this touch of the avant garde in your backyard.

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