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Capped Composite Screening Makes Perfect Sense


Home improvement pearl – build a capped composite screening fence for maintenance free durability.

Do you ever get that feeling that you would like to move, but can’t? Well, there is a cost-effective, modern way to change the scenery while looking out of your window, or from your verandah or alfresco. Build a screening fence that replaces that ugly, irritating view with a beautiful, natural looking backdrop made of a maintenance-free capped composite!

Capped composite screening makes perfect sense.

Many times the privacy or serenity of our space is disrupted by unsightly visuals that we have no control over. That gap between the garage and the house, or the edge-view of our walkway, or the view into the neighbor’s backyard, are all examples that can be constant reminders of visual misery.

Don’t suffer for decades, block the view with a capped composite screening fence that is easy to install and gives the appearance of natural, beautiful solid timber. NexGEN capped composite decking is the perfect construction material that will visually tie together your garage and house, hide ugly neighboring structures with a modern, upbeat wall or provide appealing sides for an elevated planting-bed. The pearl is that these structures completely change your view without moving!

Think about replacing your existing wooden barrier, that looks haggard, requires a heap of maintenance and threatens your summer barbecue season. With capped composite screening, scraping and painting is a thing of the past (not to mention repairing split timber and rusted nails). There is nothing more pronounced, when enjoying your outdoor living space, than the look of a sharp, clean capped composite screening barrier. Use NexGEN capped composite decking, and never again will you be plagued by rotting and peeling wood slats.

NexGEN decking is made from recycled material, is free of any harmful contaminants and has up to a 25 year stain and fade warranty. There is never a need for staining, painting or sealing like wood products. There is never warping, splitting or splintering of the surface.

Furthermore, the available styles and colors, with realistic looking wood grain patterns, set a new standard. From lighter shades in the Aspen series, to the darker multi-chromatic Rosewood design, each piece has surface technology that outperforms all others.

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