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Commercial Decks and Cladding: Creating Gorgeous Public Spaces with NexGEN’s Composite Materials


To attract and keep customers in a competitive marketplace, business owners and property managers place a premium on curb appeal, aesthetics, and safety. Customers want to frequent businesses that take pride in their appearance — whether it’s a rental property with gorgeous balconies, a restaurant with a stunning rooftop bar, or a leisure park with premium decking.

When it comes to presenting the best-of-the-best for clients, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of high-quality commercial decking and cladding. You need solutions you can count on — solutions that won’t rot, warp, fade, stain, or present safety hazards for guests. And from a bottom-line perspective, you need commercial cladding that’s easy to install and works with physical and time constraints. Fortunately, NexGEN’s commercial decking and cladding can help create gorgeous and inviting public spaces, with minimal hassle for busy owners and managers.

Commercial Decks and Cladding: Creating Gorgeous Public Spaces with NexGEN’s Composite Materials

The Importance of Inviting Public Spaces

Whether you own or operate a commercial building, a high-end residential complex, a hotel, a restaurant, a shopping centre, or beyond, you already know the value of creating a pleasant and aesthetically-pleasing experience for your guests and customers. You probably spend time, energy, and money maintaining the interior of your building, but exteriors matter too.

Gorgeous decking, rooftops, and balconies offer a place for customers to relax outdoors — while high-quality siding presents a professional appearance in general. Whether you’re creating a custom balcony, rooftop bar, deck, or simply maintaining your building’s siding, you can use high-quality capped composite cladding to help your exteriors measure up to your interior design. Creating inviting public spaces can accomplishes so much for your business:

  • Makes an excellent first impression of your business
  • Makes your commercial property more aesthetically-pleasing and “shareable” via social media
  • Embraces recent trends in offering outdoor spaces (like decks, rooftops, and balconies) for customer enjoyment
  • Creates an inviting space for employees
  • Increases your commercial space curb appeal
  • Helps keep property values high

NexGEN’s Commercial Projects

NexGEN’s Capped Composite Cladding and Decking transforms commercial spaces with minimal hassle — while creating a beautiful space for your customers and employees to enjoy.

The Sebel Hotel in Brisbane

At the Sebel Hotel in Brisbane, management needed figure out a way to replace damaged, cracked, and discoloured tile that rendered their pool area less attractive and more difficult to maintain. As with any major commercial project, challenges loomed. For one, the pool area’s 5th floor location made the prospect of major renovations difficult, and local noise ordinances limited work time significantly. Most of all, management knew it would be very expensive to remove tiles and ensure the entire area remained waterproof.

To solve these problems, Sebel Hotel management utilised NexGEN’s capped composite decking. Using NexGEN’s DeckCell product, they were able to install Acorn Capped Composite Decking on top of the old tiles, without having to invest considerable time and money into removing the tiles. Instead, they wound up with a waterproof solution which — due to its floating design — wouldn’t penetrate the waterproof membrane beneath.

The National Hotel in Fremantle

The National Hotel in Fremantle features a gorgeous rooftop bar for patrons. The problem? With a leaking roof and interior renovations already underway, hotel management needed to come up with a solution — fast — to fix the leaking roof and decking. Fortunately, NexGEN’s Weather Strip and Deck cell product made it possible install decking above the existing surface with zero penetration of the surface underneath. Using the Aspen Xtreme Capped Composite Decking, the National Hotel updated their rooftop bar to stunning effect.

Commercial Decks and Cladding: Creating Gorgeous Public Spaces with NexGEN’s Composite Materials
Commercial Decks and Cladding: Creating Gorgeous Public Spaces with NexGEN’s Composite Materials
Commercial Decks and Cladding: Creating Gorgeous Public Spaces with NexGEN’s Composite Materials
Commercial Decks and Cladding: Creating Gorgeous Public Spaces with NexGEN’s Composite Materials

Troubleshooting your Commercial Decking and Cladding

At NexGEN, we’re proud to offer solutions to your commercial decking and cladding challenges. We recognise the importance of creating and maintaining beautiful public spaces, and we know that businesses require solutions that help managers and owners work around existing renovations, physical limitations, and noise ordinance issues.

As you think about the look you’d like to achieve for your commercial space, keep in mind that capped composite cladding not only offers an efficient solution — but is created to mimic natural wood and create lasting beauty. Our multi-tonal colours mimic three different natural hardwoods: jarrah, spotted gum, and graphite to create the perfect aesthetic for your commercial space.

Creating High-End, Long-Lasting Public Spaces with NEXGEN’s Cladding & Decking

Not only does NexGEN’s capped composite cladding offer the aesthetic and ease of installation that you need, it also solves several problems that could easily cause issues for business owners:

  • Low maintenance. With capped composite cladding, you don’t need to worry about the extra time and cost associated with oiling and re-sealing surfaces. Instead, simply pressure wash or clean occasionally clean with soap and water.
  • Safe. Unlike traditional wooden planks, there’s no danger of rotting or splintering — both of which could present a danger to your customers or guests. In addition, the seamless installation process of NexGEN’s decking means that there’s no danger of nails causing a safety hazard for your clients.
  • No rot, mold, or mildew. Unlike traditional wooden decks and siding, NexGEN’s Capped Composite Cladding won’t rot, mold, or mildew.
  • Fade and stain resistant. Over time, traditional wooden decks and siding can fade and stain. NexGEN’s superior decking and cladding won’t fade or stain, which is an important consideration for rooftop bars and outdoor decks where food and drinks may be served
  • Hard wearing. Need decking and cladding that holds up to heavy traffic? Most commercial enterprises require surfaces that stand up to multiple customers and employees day after day, which is exactly what NexGEN can accomplish.
  • Low costs after installation. After the initial costs of installation, expect your costs to stay low. With little maintenance and a 25-year warranty, you can feel confident in your investment.
  • Environmentally conscious. 55% of consumers are willing to spend more for services from companies that prioritise environmental sustainability. Our cladding is made from recycled materials, produced using the latest sustainable processes, and created without toxic chemicals. You can feel good about making an investment in an environmentally safe product — and your customers will appreciate your interest in sustainability.

NEXGEN’s Commercial Cladding & Commercial Decking

We provide commercial cladding services throughout Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney — but we don’t stop there. We stand behind all of our products and offer them nationwide. We have two capped composite products that will interest business owners and property managers: the NexGEN Capped Composite Cladding and the NexGEN Capped Composite Shiplap Cladding. You can tailor these products to suit your business’s unique needs and create the gorgeous outdoor spaces that will set your business apart. Want to learn more? Please feel free to contact us today.

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