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3 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Deck


When you have composite or aluminium decking, cleaning is pretty easy. That’s because you are using a durable material, which is able to withstand all types of weather without mold or mildew building up. At the same time, spring is the perfect season to give your deck a good cleaning. Take these 3 steps to get it ready for summer.

1. Sweep

First, simply sweep away any loose dirt or debris that is sitting on the surface. When you do this as your first step, start by moving any furniture or other items you have sitting on your deck. This will allow you to fully sweep the entire area, and maybe even provide you an opportunity to rearrange or redecorate your deck.

2. Soap And Water

If you want to get a little more thorough, try using a gentle soap and water. With this solution, you can easily scrub any stubborn dirt off the surface, giving your deck and new fresh and clean look. The colour of your deck won’t change, so it’s the natural next step after you have swept away the surface dirt.

3. Pressure Wash

Finally, if you want to get even more thorough, you can pressure wash the surface. This step helps to clean away even the most stubborn dirt, getting your deck ready for the season. And of course, if you have any questions about how much pressure you are allowed to use, and how close you can get to the product, please contact us.

A deck allows you to spend a great deal of time outside when the weather gets warm. By giving your deck a thorough spring cleaning, you will be able to fully enjoy its beauty.

Even though composite and aluminium decking require very little maintenance, a good spring cleaning can never hurt. And thanks to a 25 year warranty for stains and fading, you can have confidence that your deck will look good for many years to come.