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Capped Composite Decking is the Future of Decking


The Autumn is in full swing and the outdoors are calling. Barbecuing, relaxing and entertaining a few guests are the order of the day. For those fortunate enough to enjoy our favored activities on a capped composite deck enjoy benefits that they may not immediately be aware of. The capped composite decks are such a seamless replacement to standard decking that the layman might not know it is there.

Capped composite decking has several benefits over its timber decking counterpart. Typical wood construction has been a builder’s go-to for millennia but capped composite decking is the 21st century replacement. The capped composite decking will not warp, splinter or delaminate. It does not suffer from any of the general woes encountered in existing Timber construction. Any of the preventative actions one might take to lengthen the life of a deck are greatly reduced. The material is durable by default and even comes with a comprehensive warranty system.

Naturally subtle earthen tones are sure to please the eye. Special attention is paid to the variations of natural wood grains and colours. Keeping the overall appearance random and mimicking actual lumber. The decking is as easy to install as it is visually appealing. A hidden fixing system allows for fast installation and leaves the deck unmarred.

The capped composite decking cannot be a 21st century replacement for timber without sustainability. Not only is the material recycled but the entire manufacturing process drastically cuts down on waste and energy costs. The initial price of capped decking will be offset in the coming years by ultra-low maintenance.

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