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Things to Look for When Buying Composite Decking


Decking never used to be so complicated!

The array choices may seem endless when you begin to shop around for composite decking. You know you want to upgrade your old wooden deck, fix the railings on your porch or create a stunning new backyard oasis, but how do you simplify your shopping? Checking out these 6 crucial things to look for when buying composite decking will certainly help to put your mind at ease as you are making these difficult decisions.

1. Consider the Lifetime of your Product:

You probably already know that composite decking materials last significantly longer than typical pressure treated wood products. By building your new structure with a composite product you are easily gaining extended use out of your outdoor spaces. Because your outdoor space is an important part of your living space you will want to make an investment that will last for a lengthy amount of time. Composite decking will do that, but it is also important that you consider the warranty offered by the various products you choose.

Consider for instance:

Does the warranty cover stains and discolouration? Enjoying a glass of wine on your deck at the end of a long day? Will accidental spills discolour your product or is your decking protected by a stain and wear warranty? Playing fetch with Fido in the back yard? Will his muddy paws stain your new patio? Will being in the direct sunlight cause your decking to fade? Check out the warranty offered with each product you’re considering. You will definitely want to look for a warranty that covers staining and discolouration regardless of whether your deck is in direct or indirect sunlight too.

2. Think About Installation:

If you are a natural handyman you’re probably already thinking about the cost of installation and whether or not you are able to install your new composite decking yourself. As you think about which decking to purchase you’ll need to look closely at warranties offered. Sometimes installation by non-accredited installers can void the product warranty. If you are buying composite decking you’ll want to find a decking company that encourages DIY and allows you the freedom to make changes or install the product yourself. This is especially important if you plan to slowly build your structure over a length of time, you will want the freedom and flexibility to do things yourself.

3. How Much Upkeep and Maintenance Are you Willing to Complete?

If staining and painting your old, wooden deck is what has ultimately led you to begin shopping for composite decking in the first place, then you will certainly want to pay attention to the upkeep necessary for the decking that you choose. Many uncapped composites and timber will require expensive maintenance to keep it in good condition. You’ll want to find a capped composite decking that only requires an occasional wash with a hose to keep it looking great. Capped composite decking is also stain, fade and scratch resistant making it appear newer much longer. This allows you to have piece of mind if children and pets will be spending time on the deck, keeping scratches at bay is an important part of keeping your deck looking pristine. notes that capped composite decking might be slightly more expensive but often carry much longer warranties and will look newer longer.

4. Who’s Going to be Using it and Why?

Some composite materials can become very slippery when wet. If you’re planning on having grandma over for dinner on the porch regularly you’ll want to look for materials that offer slip resistant surfaces. This is particularly important if you live in an area that gets a lot of rainfall or you have a pool or spa. These surfaces can also get extremely hot in the sun with darker colour composites absorbing more heat than other colours. If you plan to use around a pool or in other places where people may tread with bare feet you will want to consider your colour and material options carefully. Luckily, when buying composite decking you have many options for colours, patterns and textures. Check carefully to see which lines offer the best range of anti-slip materials in the colours you like best.

5. How do you want it to look?

Aside from texture and colour choices you will also need to decide if a hidden fastener system is important to you. Many composite decking materials can simply be nailed or screwed together, however this can sometimes cause cracking and splitting of the timbers, even when holes are pre-drilled. Besides being unsightly, these cracks are often not covered by basic warranties. According to Consumer Reports,  your best bet might be to “consider hidden fasteners or systems that hide the attachments” this will eliminate visible screw holes entirely and lessen the chance that your brand new deck work will crack or split.

6. Find a Company with Longevity:

Maybe the most important item to consider is where you are buying your product from. You will want to locate a manufacturer who has been in successful business for a number of years. This way you will not fall victim to an upstart company who cannot uphold their warranty or who will sell you an inferior product. It is important to find direct importers who will offer the best possible price for a high-quality product. You can feel confident in contacting us with any questions you have regarding your composite decking. With over 45 years of experience in the industry we are confident that we can help you find just what you are looking for.

When you begin the task of expanding or improving your outdoor living space you can easily be overwhelmed with all the choices available in buying composite decking. When you combine that with all the other parts that come along with a remodelling project it can be hard to manage the pros and cons of each type of composite decking. Considering these 6 key tips will help you to make sense of the variety of materials you can choose from as you upgrade your space. This knowledge will help to make sure you have the best materials to build a deck that will meet all your needs.

No matter whether you’re building a composite deck to have the ultimate neighbourhood cookout, or to supplement your already existing back yard structures, you can follow these tips to make sure you’re choosing the best decking to meet your needs.