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Flame Zone Decking Which is the Best?


Flame Zone Decking does not need to be a drama!

Building a deck in flame zone areas means that you should probably put a fair bit of thought into the materials you choose to construct a deck from. Some are distinctly more flammable than others and it would be devastating to put that much time and effort into the perfect gathering spot only to see it torn down by fire.

NexGEN Decking can help you put those fears to rest. Our aluminum DryDeck is not only beautiful and functional, but it has also been approved for use in flame zone areas (BAL-FZ). In addition to the marine-grade aluminum being virtually maintenance-free and designed to stand up to heavy traffic without warping, bending, or breaking, NexGEN DryDeck is heavily fire-resistant. The boards will never spark, catch, or burn, making them an ideal choice for any BAL (bushfire attack level) area.

Not only is this flame zone decking approved for use in all BAL rated areas, it is also watertight meaning you can create dry spaces below your decking for storage or other purposes. This aluminum decking has a waterproof tongue and groove system as well as waterproof boards, ensuring there’s no water damage even after years of use both in and around water. The boards themselves are made from high-conductivity aluminum with a non-skid, non-slip surface, meaning it will stay cool and safe for traffic even under adverse weather.

You should never have to sacrifice safety when it comes to your outdoor space. Planning ahead now and making sure that your decking material is rated for any potential fires may just save you a lot of cost and heartache later.

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