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7 Backyard Trends that are Hot Right Now


As we reach the height of summer, it’s time to rethink the way you consider your outdoor space. Check out some of our recent backyard decking makeovers.

Over the past few years, trendy backyard opportunities have emerged that are hot right now and transform your property into a vibrant place of outdoor living.

Not every trend fits every style. Ultimately, you have to make sure that any update to your backyard has to match with your preferences and expectations. Still, these 7 backyard trends offer a great starting point to rebuild your property to increase both its style and function.

1) Embracing Green Outdoor Living

The trend toward sustainability doesn’t stop at the backyard. Increasingly, green living has entered the way we think about designing outdoor living spaces.

That means not just taking on projects that make your outdoor space more beautiful, but also increasing its function. Conscious selection of plants can help you gather herbs, fruits, and other items you can use in daily life.

Green outdoor living also includes means of gathering rain water that can be used to water plants or filtered for inside use. The more resources can be repurposed for your daily life, the more you are following this hot trend.

2) Bringing the Inside to the Outdoors

Who said that your indoor and outdoor living space had to be separated? Increasingly, that’s no longer the case. Especially in the drier regions of Australia, we’re seeing more and more properties offer a seamless transition between living room and backyard or patio.

Part of the reason this has become such a popular trend is that new furniture materials have made it possible for couches, tables, and chairs to stay outside without sustaining damage. As a result, you can build living spaces that are ripe for hours of entertainment and enjoying the outside.

3) Making the Most of Limited Space

If you thought that enhancing your outdoor space is only possible with a large property, think again. New opportunities have made it possible for homeowners to enhance their outdoors even if they only have limited space to work with.

Vertical planters are a perfect example of this trend. Either as DIY projects or purchased as a finished product, these shelves stand free or against a wall to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Vertical planters have the potential make even the smallest backyard beautiful and functional at the same time.

4) The New Fire Pit

You might already be familiar with just how popular fire pits have become over the past few years. Especially as the sun goes down, they offer the perfect opportunity to gather around a source of warmth and light to enjoy time together as a family or with guests.

That trend is only increasing in popularity over the next few months and years. Outdoor fireplaces are becoming more affordable, and are available in increasingly more sizes and styles. Regardless of your needs, you will find a permanent or portable product that can turn your backyard into the perfect evening hangout spot.

5) Enhancing the Patio Area

The days of the simple patio are over. The options available to homeowners today have the potential to transform this traditionally functional space into a centrepiece and topic of conversation amongst all guests.

Edging and flooring materials can be customised for your needs. Patios can guide visitors through the entire backyard, or a central area. They can feature a fireplace, or naturally lead to the gardening section of the yard.

Even decks are transforming in the same way. Gone are the days of simple wood that can splinter and won’t last long through adverse weather conditions. Better materials, warranties, and prices are making decks more affordable and sensible than ever before.

6) Improving Lighting as a Feature

If you want to use it or spend time in it during evenings, the backyard has to be well-lit. Traditionally, that means a solution along the lines of installing a motion-activated spotlight somewhere in a strategic spot. The resulting light is functional, but not necessarily beautiful.

In the recent past, though, that lighting trend has begun to change. From modern, clean lines to classic and ornate, you will find plenty of outdoor fixtures that fit your style. One particular trend is landscape lighting, which turns the functional nature of a spotlight into a way to highlight an area of your backyard you are particularly proud of.

7) Water Features as a Centrepiece

This summer might well be known as the summer of water. From fountains to swimming lakes, water features are popping up in backyards and property across Australia. Whether you like the ability to sink in or simply enjoy the sound of water, it’s the perfect opportunity to make your backyard stand out just that much more.

Small waterfalls and ponds are particularly hot at the moment. The require just a little bit of yard work, and can transform any property – even with limited space – into an oasis retreat. Water works especially well close to a fire pit, where the contrast between the two makes for the perfect evening hangout.

Taking the First Step Towards a Trendy Backyard With NexGEN Decking

Are you ready to transform your backyard this summer? If so, now is the time to get started. Pick one or more of the above trends, and get to work.

Of course, especially when it comes to your patio area, you need a reliable partner who can provide you with the materials you need to make your backyard transformation not just beautiful, but also function well. To learn more about our decking expertise, and take the first step to one of this year’s hot backyard trends, contact us.

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