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Alfresco Decking, What are the Choices?


What is the best material to use for Alfresco Decking?

You have a perfect spot for alfresco decking at your home. Whether it is attached to your home or an oasis under the trees, you want your alfresco decking to be a beautiful, useful addition to your home.

One consideration is the shape of the deck. You want an area that complements the style of your home. If your home is a square box, maybe a curved deck to soften the lines, or layered sharp angles to really make a statement?

If you are building detached alfresco decking, the possibilities are endless. Picture a tree hugging deck, built surrounding a tree. How about a deck tucked in amid flower beds?

Once you decide the location, size, and shape of your alfresco decking, you need to decide what material is best for your new deck.

A concrete deck adds no aesthetic value while it serves the purpose, it doesn’t add any beauty to your home. Concrete is porous, regular cleaning and sealing are necessary to prevent staining, mould and dirt from building up.

There are two types of pavers available. Concrete pavers, need similar maintenance to poured concrete, but require more labor to install. Brick pavers will add style to your home at first, but without continued maintenance, the bricks will quickly deteriorate. Weeding between the pavers might become a constant chore.

A natural stone deck adds interest to your home. However, the uneven surface of natural stone will make furniture placement problematic. Natural stone shouldn’t be sealed. Moisture can be trapped between the sealant and the stone, causing cracking during cold nights and warm days, as the seasons progress. As dirt penetrates into the pores of the stone, the stone becomes almost impossible to clean, even with chemical cleaners.

The beauty and versatility of a timber deck might seem to make it the best choice. Wood compliments almost every building style and can be cut to any length. There are many finish colour choices available. Unfortunately, wood can splinter and nails can pop. Timber must be routinely sanded, stained and sealed.

For the classic look of timber without all the headaches, NexGEN capped composite decking is the choice to make. It is prefinished. No sealing or staining, just soap and water clean up. NexGEN capped composite decking is fade, scratch, and mould resistant. It won’t warp or rot and is splinter free.

NexGEN capped composite decking is an eco-friendly choice. Made from recycled hardwood and high density polyethylene , NexGEN capped composite decking prevents more than 50,000 tons of waste from ending up in landfills every year.

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