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A Few Ways To Make Your Deck More Private


If you have a deck in your backyard, chances are that you’re going to use it a lot for things like barbecues, family gatherings, parties, and even just for some quiet and relaxing alone time. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy all of these things when you feel as if you’re on display to your neighbours and to people passing by. Check out a few ways to make your deck more private.

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is probably the most common way to achieve deck privacy. There are quite a few styles and heights that you can choose for your new fence, making it even more special for you.

Below is a NexGEN privacy fence using our Greystone boards, perfect way to enclose your backyard and make your deck feel like your own personal retreat.


Planting trees is never a bad thing, especially when you’re using them for the purpose of creating privacy. Many people decide to go with a tree fence instead of a real fence. And if you already have trees in the area where you want to build a new deck, consider leaving them there instead of clearing them out. Even just adding a bunch of lush and leafy plants into the mix is a good idea. No matter how it’s done, trees will provide a softer and more serene atmosphere while also providing seclusion.


Pergolas can not only help to make your deck more private, but they can also help to create shade. They are a great way to make your deck space feel more cozy and cool. You can even dress them up with light fixtures, planters, and baskets to really make the most out of them.

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