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Outdoor Spas on the Back Deck – Things to Consider


To the average person, installing outdoor spas on a deck seems as simple as cutting a hole, hooking up some pipes, dropping it in, and relaxing.  Anyone who owns a deck knows that it is not quite as easy.  There are many structural, electrical, and safety considerations that are important to make before taking the first step towards your bubbling bliss.

The key to a successful installation for all outdoor spas comes down to one thing – planning. The following is a list of the main elements to consider when planning to install your new hot tub into your existing deck.

  1. Location: Just like in any real estate, it is all about location.  Outdoor spas must be sitting on a level surface that is capable of supporting the combined weight of spa and water, so make sure you are planning the space accordingly.  Also, certain parts of your deck are structurally better to cut into than others.  The safest and most affordable location is on the lower level and close to the ground, but certain tubs can go in different locations.
  2. Type of Tub: Different types of outdoor spas have different needs.  Some use greater amounts of electricity for extra jets while others can only hold a specific amount of dry weight and water.  And then of course there are the size and measurements of outdoor spas.  Choosing the spa must happen early in the process so you can plan everything else around it. For example, there are also above ground spas, and if placing these on a deck the subframe would need to be able to hold the weight.
  3. Access: Make sure you have clear access to power and water under or near your deck.  Some spas can be plugged into an outlet while others need a more significant power source.  Some use electricity to heat the water and power the jets, and some need to be topped off due to evaporation.  Make sure the location you choose in your deck has access to all of these sources.
  4. Safety: All outdoor spas need an emergency shut off and to be cleaned regularly.  If children are present make sure to have a cover and put the tub at a safe distance.  Also alert children to the drop in the deck and monitor them.  Generally hot tubs should not go over 104 degrees and suggested soaking time is 15 minutes.  If your spa is 15 years old consider replacing it before putting it into the deck.

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Adding outdoor spas to your deck is a great option for style and accessibility, but only if it is done correctly.  Fortunately NexGEN Decking has a lot of experience in this area in addition to other services such as deck maintenance. Contact us today to find out about all of them and add ease to the home improvement process.

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