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How to build a deck yourself: Snap together the decking subframe


Whether you are completing your own DIY home or you just want to make your own deck and have never attempted any construction project before, there is an innovative product that will make the process fast, well-built, and even fun to do yourself.

NexGEN DeckCell is the answer to the question of how to build a decking subframe the modern way.

This is how it works….

First, prepare the area. Do you have a concrete pad, pavers or bricks? No need to pull them up. If you have a flat surface, your preparation may be literally as simple as sweeping off any leaves. You can even install DeckCell over flat compacted sand with no need for concrete footers.

Next, spread the DIY decking cells around and then click together the high-density recycled cells. Extra credit for using a tape measure and trimming the plastic units as necessary to get the perfect size for your deck! Some homeowners just fill out the cells until the area looks right and call that the future deck. It’s that easy.

Now to hold the incredibly durable subframe together so your friends and family can party hard on the deck for decades! Insert the provided aluminium battens into the DeckCell at regular intervals. That’s right — it’s easier than setting up a tent.

Rest assured that this subframe is strong. Fabricated from recycled polypropylene, DeckCell takes on the qualities of that material, making it resistant to chemical and bacterial degradation that shortens the life of a wooden structure. With a crush strength of 148 t/m² (149kPa), your deck has all the support you need for active use.

Now you move into the decking project, having finished your subframe. And what will that take? Lay the NexGEN Capped Composite decking that you have chosen across the DeckCell unit you have just snapped together. Screw the provided fixings down. You could trim the edges — or have your friends over now, and follow-up with that later. You now have a beautiful deck that is strong enough so you could park your car on it but too pleasant to waste on a duty like that. This deck is designed for outdoor living and you made it yourself!

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By now you’ve got the picture. If you have any additional questions, or if you are interested in adapting the DeckCell system for another construction purpose, please get in touch. We live to make your projects faster and easier.

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