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How to Afford the Deck of Your Dreams Without Breaking the Bank


If you’ve been putting off building your dream deck because you don’t think you can afford it, there are several creative ways to save money while still getting a beautiful new deck. At NexGEN Decking, we are proud to offer affordable decking options to help clients all over Australia get the most out of their investment. Our unique composite decking is made from recycled materials and lasts longer than natural wood. We are here to help you design an aesthetically-pleasing deck that you can afford and will last for a lifetime. Here are some tips and tricks for building your dream deck without breaking the bank! How to afford the Deck of your Dreams….

Should I DIY My Deck?

If you’re looking for creative ways to save money on your new deck, you may be wondering if building it yourself is a good option. Choosing to DIY your deck can have a variety of cost-effective benefits, such as not having to pay for a contractor and being able to buy materials at a lower price that hasn’t been marked up to cover the contractor’s cost of purchasing them. On average, you can expect that hiring a contractor to install your deck will cost approximately three times more than doing it yourself. However, it is important to look beyond the sticker price and carefully consider whether you have the necessary experience to properly build a safe deck that can withstand regular use before committing to building your own dream deck.

Use NexGEN’s free pricing calculator to estimate your decking project.

Build Your Deck During the Off Season

If you decide that DIYing your deck isn’t a good option for you, there are ways to hire a contractor at a fraction of the typical cost. Many deck installers charge more during the busy season, and choosing a time of year when fewer people are looking to build new decks and begin other landscaping projects can be an easy way to save money when having your deck professionally installed. Although you might want to build your dream deck during the spring or early summer to get as much use out of it during the first year as you can, waiting until fall will mean that your contractor is less busy and may charge less than earlier in the year.

How to Afford the Deck of Your Dreams Without Breaking the Bank

Choose Reputable Materials to Avoid Expensive Repairs

If you’re building your new deck on a budget, it can be tempting to buy the cheapest materials you can find. While this strategy can lower the initial cost of your deck, most cheap products are not well-made and will not last as long as higher-quality products that cost a little more. Going this route often leads to having to spend more money on costly repairs and ongoing fees in the long run. Instead, spend a little more on sturdy materials from reputable brands to lower the total amount of money that you spend on your deck over time. For example, our composite decking costs more to purchase than some regular wood options, but it handles the elements better, requires fewer repairs, and lasts much longer than wood decking.

Do Your Research to Choose the Right Products

Reading product reviews before making any major purchase is key to making the right decisions that will serve you well for years. Whether you’re comparing decking materials, paint brands, or building companies, reading about past customers’ experiences can help you make more informed decisions than relying on the limited information the company’s website tells you. Many reputable companies post testimonials from satisfied customers on their own websites, and you can also search for product reviews on Amazon and store websites to get an idea of what buyers like and don’t like about each of the items you’re considering. Now is the time to find out that a company uses poor quality wood or the shade of paint you’re interested in peels right away, not a few months after you thought your deck was finished. Visit our Testimonial page to see what NexGEN buyers think of our product.

Eliminate Unnecessary Materials

Every product or service that you spend money on increases the price tag of your dream deck, and there may be materials that you can eliminate to lower your total cost. For example, you might think that you need to paint your deck so that it matches the rest of your outdoor living space and won’t clash with the colour of your house. However, our decking comes in a wide variety of attractive shades, and purchasing paint may not be necessary. You may also opt for a slightly smaller deck or to build it directly on the ground instead of buying extra materials to raise it to the level of your house. By making small changes to your deck plans to eliminate materials that you don’t necessarily need, you can spend less money on a deck that is just as beautiful.

Determine Your Budget and Stick To It

By determining how much you can reasonably afford to spend on your dream deck before selecting materials or getting in touch with a contractor, you can begin making plans knowing what features you can and can’t afford. Mindlessly browsing through dozens of websites, stores, and free samples without thinking about your budget or paying attention to prices can cause you to fall in love with high-end items that you can’t afford, which can lead you to try to justify spending more money. Be cautious when talking with contractors and salesmen as well, and don’t let them pressure you into buying add-ons or more expensive versions of products that don’t fall into your budget range.

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At NexGEN Decking, we are proud to create beautiful outdoor living spaces that our clients love. If you’re ready to add a new deck to your landscape but aren’t quite sure how to do it without breaking the bank, our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will work with you to design the deck of your dreams that fits your budget. Our beautiful, sturdy decking is made from recycled materials and comes with a 50-year stain and fade warranty. Contact us today to receive a free sample pack of our affordable decking that showcases our unique material in our most popular colours or to start planning your dream deck!

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