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DIY Outdoor Features


DIY Outdoor Features Your Deck Needs This Summer. Summer is coming, and your deck needs a little sprucing up after the winter. While you are busy cleaning up the yard consider installing some of these DIY outdoor features to make your deck pop.

DIY outdoor features #1. Deck Garden

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers. Potted plants make excellent accents to your deck. Buy them pre-potted or transplant them to the pots of your choosing.

Building your own deck garden is fun and easy. Try growing vegetables right on your deck from a raised planter you made yourself. Container gardening is a sustainable and enjoyable activity for people of all ages. Plus, your Aluminium or Capped Composite deck from NexGEN makes cleanup easy.

DIY outdoor features #2. Comfy Deck Furniture

Relax on your deck with some DIY deck furniture that doesn’t compromise your budget or style. Building deck furniture out of wooden pallets is a great construction project for handy people of all skill levels. Get creative with your seating and add the cushions of your choice, or even make your own.

DIY outdoor features #3. Outdoor Lighting

Your NexGEN aluminium deck is flame-proof. This means that you are free to experiment with DIY outdoor lighting to achieve the perfect atmosphere for every occasion. Make safe candles by placing tea lights in mason jars. Tie a ribbon or rustic twine around the jar for added effect. Alternatively, get classy by making hurricane candles out of wine bottles.

Use your DIY lighting to accent existing lights or add them to your deck centrepiece. Always be careful when placing candles on railings. Your deck may be fireproof, but your yard is not.

DIY outdoor features #4. Canopy Decorations

NexGEN decks with canopies offer DIY decorators and gardeners a host of ideas. For added shade, hang some gauzy curtains for a whimsical look or start a vining plant like grapes for an edible shade cover.

For a fun project to do with your kids, make some wind chimes out of found objects like spoons, shells and keys for that timeless chime.

Canopies offer many DIY lighting opportunities as well. Paper lanterns and other affordable lighting options add atmosphere at a price you will love.

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Try one or all of these DIY deck outdoor features and experience the joy of outdoor living with your NexGEN deck. If you don’t have a NexGEN deck, contact us to find out how to get started.

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