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Bushfire Ready – Some Common Sense Tips


Bushfire season is upon us, and every house needs to be bushfire ready and prepared.

Nobody wants a repeat of the 2009 Black Saturday fires, where 3,500 structures burnt down. Fortunately, you can get your home bushfire ready easily, thus protecting not only your property but your whole neighbourhood from adding to the $1.6 billion that fire has taken from Australia.

Trimming For Safety

Fires take advantage of foliage overhanging your home to spread. Don’t give it the chance to leap from a tree to your roof. Cut the branches that are close to your house back.

The Buffer Zone

You should keep an area of 20 meters or so around your house free of potential fuel for a fire. Keep your lawn short. Rake up any leaves or debris that has fallen on the ground, and keep piles of firewood or fuel stored out of the zone. There are plants that are fire resistant, and it is wise to plant those around your home instead of more flammable options, although you will want to keep any plant at a distance from your space.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Bushfire Ready

Keep your gutters clear of dead leaves and the like. You can take a leaf blower to them or pick it out by hand, but always keep it clear. Not only will fires not be able to take up on your roof, but you won’t risk water damage from backed up drains.

Where Are Your Hoses?

The right equipment can give you the advantage when it comes to being bushfire ready. Install metal mesh screens over your windows and doors, and make sure you have a water pump and a hose that will reach all around your house. There are sprinklers to wet the grounds before the fire arrives if you don’t have a hose. It’s a good idea to enclose spaces under your house and to fit seals around your windows and doors, too.

Have A Plan

A prepared family is a lucky family. Have a kit of emergency supplies and a plan for dealing with fire. Most importantly, have an escape route ready in case you need to evacuate. Remember that you can rebuild your house. Your family is a little harder.

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We live in hope that we won’t face serious bushfires, but we already had a fire in Lancefield that took out 3,000 hectares and tragically lives have been lost in Esperance WA. If you want help making sure you and your deck are bushfire ready, contact us.

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